New Podcast – Healthcare Data Integrity & Data Interoperability Standards – What Will the Future Hold?

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M2SYS Technology provides a series of free podcasts on various topics. Their latest free podcast addresses healthcare data integrity and data interoperability standards across health information exchanges and integrated delivery networks.
M2SYS Healthcare Solutions presents a free podcast on healthcare data integrity and data interoperability standards.

We released a brand new free podcast this week that discusses how healthcare data integrity and data interoperability standards will be affected by the advent of health information exchanges (HIEs) and integrated delivery networks (IDNs). Joining us on the podcast as our guest was John Donnelly, President of NJ based IntePro Solutions, and an expert on healthcare information technology interoperability standards. John’s experience and knowledge of the topic is extensive, having served as a participant and adviser on several governmental and industry committees and boards. Plus, John is a renowned speaker on the subjects of healthcare technology standards, interoperability and innovation at annual regional healthcare conferences and an author in publications sponsored by the Healthcare Information Systems Society (HIMSS), the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), and the Medical Record Institute.

Here is a list of topics covered in the podcast:

  • Healthcare’s major challenges sharing data across HIEs
  • Changes to health systems strategic vision of quality healthcare
  • Impact of data visibility on patient-provider relationship
  • Patient identfiication’s affect on data integrity in HIEs and future technologies for patient identification in healthcare
  • HIEs effect on State privacy and security regulations
  • Most important HIE aspects for patient education

To listen or download an audio version of the podcast, please visit this link on our M2SYS Healthcare Solutions Patient Safety System Web site: Healthcare Data and Interoperability StandardsYou can also download a PowerPoint summary version of the podcast and follow along during the conversation.

The proliferation of HIEs and IDNs has opened the door to many questions about how to keep data clean, and how this data will be effectively shared across disparate networks. This podcast sheds light on what problems and issues that healthcare faces managing data plus some possible solutions and predictions on where the future of healthcare data integrity and interoperability standards will be.

We hope that you enjoy this podcast (approximately 35 minutes in length) and would like to especially thank John Donnelly for his time, expertise, and generous contributions to our ongoing podcast series. Stay tuned for our next podcast – details will be released on our M2SYS healthcare solutions site and this blog. If you have an idea for a podcast, please email

Don’t forget to listen in to our other podcast with Nancy Farrington discussing patient identification in healthcare.


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