What type of monitoring systems are used in the workplace today?

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Employee monitoring is a process of using different types of surveillance tools to collect and analyze data about employee productivity, performance, web and app activity, etc.

If you’re concerned your employees are not making the best use of their time at work, or you suspect an insider threat against your business, you should definitely deploy an employee monitoring software that can help you monitor everything.

In this article, we’ll explore several types of employee tracking, what they include, as well as how they can help you monitor workforce productivity and performance.


Video-Surveillance-clouddeskVideo Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most common types of monitoring. However, it is mostly used for security purposes than for actually monitoring employees’ activities. Even some studies have shown that most employers are using video surveillance to prevent robbery, ferocity, or vandalism. There is also a very small number of companies that use video to track employee location, real-time activities, and productivity since in most industries it’s virtually impossible otherwise.

In some countries, video surveillance is also used because it is a health and safety requirement, and all employers must have it installed. Whatever the reason behind, we all believe that video surveillance is very useful and much needed in all workplaces.



Employee Monitoring Software

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Web-App-Activity-Monitoring-clouddeskWeb & App Activity Monitoring

Web and app activity monitoring programs are used to ensure the safety and proper use of company computers and mobile devices. Organizations also implement a firewall or router that can scan incoming or outgoing content and email addresses that are used on the network.

Essentially these systems have the capability to recognize malicious data and infected computers and mobile devices and identify any suspicious network activities.

Depending on the monitoring software, you can even track and control who can access which files and keep a log for the same. Additionally, you can also see who edited or downloaded documents on the network.

Email-Monitoring-clouddeskEmail Monitoring

Emails sent or received through a company email account are generally not considered private. Organizations use email hosting services like G Suite, and usually, they have admin access that allows emails to be monitored.

Monitoring employee emails also allows them to filter the spam emails before they even reach the employee inbox. This is a great way to cut down bandwidth and minimize security risks, but employers should be aware that some emails could be seen as spam, but in reality, they aren’t. That’s why these filtered messages should be checked from time to time, to make sure that a client’s emails do not end up in the spam by accident.


Health-Wellness-Monitoring-circlecareHealth & Wellness Monitoring

Health and wellness monitoring is a type of monitoring that every organization needs right now to ensure that its employees are motivated, connected to each other, and are making healthy choices. The reason for that is, the better the employees’ health and wellness are, the better they will feel connected to their work, and the better their performances will be.

For that, a lot of wellness initiatives can be seen, but the best one is CircleCare. It is an employee wellness app that helps ensure the employees are connected to each other, developing healthy lifestyles, keeping their diseases in check, and supporting one another.


CloudDesk-Employee-Monitoring-SoftwareEmployee Monitoring Software

And last but not least – employee tracking software. Employee monitoring software helps boost employee productivity. There are so many employee monitoring tools available nowadays, and they offer various monitoring features.

One of the most basic features of an employee monitoring software is a time tracking, while a bit more advanced applications like CloudDesk have options of taking screenshots, identity verification, app and website usage, idle time tracking activities, and so on.

With the advancement of modern technologies, this type of monitoring software is becoming more popular, and for a good reason! It helps organizations boost productivity, manage their time and projects in an easier way, as well as improve overall organizational performance.

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