How Call Center Agent Monitoring Improves Customer Experience?

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Call centers are the backbone of every business of today’s market. Almost every size of business has a call center to deal with various clients’ issues and collect feedback. That’s why businesses of all markets and sizes invest in call centers. Knowing that the company responds to it and that someone from the company has the duty of examining the matter, customers may accept any imperfection.

Answering customers is a perfect way of delivering superior customer service. This not only allows your team to interact easily with its customers but also helps your company to expand, gain more customers and maintain existing ones. It is very important to have well-managed and effective call centers because they are responsible for preserving your company’s reputation in the eyes of your customers. Actually, their output will make your business or ruin it.

Why Call Center Agent Monitoring Is Important?

The agents deal with clients directly, with no intermediaries. This is why it is very important that each agent’s activities need to be monitored to make sure that they are sincere about their job, performs their task sincerely and delivers the best quality of service to support every customer. And now that thousands of companies have moved to remote locations, it is even trickier to understand how your remote agents are performing. 

Some companies set up their call centers without having a proper monitoring system. This is short-sighted and  can impact your company’s profitability and hamper agent productivity to a point where you will end up losing thousands of dollars per agent.

By monitoring your in house or remote call center agents you can gain insight about employee efficiency and measure their productivity, which you can further analyze and provide constructive feedback. A successful agent monitoring strategy directly affects agents performance and your bottom line. In this article we will talk about call center agent monitoring and how to put it into practice. This guide will help you navigate the implementation of effective monitoring strategy, both for your business and for your agents.



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What Are The Benefits Of Call Center Agent Monitoring?

  1. Time-tracking: Although many businesses continue to monitor their agents with time monitoring tools to see how long their agents work each day. But the program does not track records of other essential features, such as how agent spend their time when they start to work, and does not report excessive web use.Using a robust agent tracking program such as CloudDesk, you can fully understand what your agents do during business hours. The use of face ID checks at the start and then repeated random identification during working hours confirms the existence of these people by facial recognition. CloudDesk often takes random snapshots of the agent’s computer device so that agents concentrate on their associated applications and Websites. Both features guarantee and help decide whether agents work during their working hours or not.
  2. Accountability: Managing remote agents come with fair shades of challenges. It is difficult to know when agents start working and how much time they spend on a task. CloudDesk can help address these concerns by providing data that will let managers know when agents clocked in, how productive they are during work and how much time a project took. On the other hand, agents also may have a hard time explaining how a project took them much time than expected to complete. So from the data managers can also understand why such happens and help agents to overcome the difficulty. Employee monitoring software closes the doors on biased and uninformative feedback. This goes a long way toward increasing employee productivity and accountability over their work time.
  3. Real-time Monitoring: CloudDesk allows real-time monitoring, it is the fuel to bring success into your business. Real-time monitoring  shapes the conditions that agents work in every day and gives your necessary information to optimize their productivity. Basically agents priority is always to attend calls to run their task smoothly and are less concerned about the data that managers or high-level executives receive from this software. This is where managers can play a big role by appreciating the efficient agents the right way to keep them motivated. Managers can also help those agents who have productivity issues, and help them to get back on track. This way real-time monitoring ensures that no one gets lost during their work pressure. 
  4. Increases Mutual trust: When agents know that you evaluate them through real examples it increases mutual understanding and creates two way trust. It helps cultivate a culture of healthy competition amongst your remote workforce, which boots productivity further. As happy agents are more likely to perform better. When an agent knows his managers are watching him only to get information about his work, it motivates him to perform better and eliminates the chances of being dishonest and lazy. This fair judgement policy eliminates the chances of internal politics between agents and never impacts agents in a negative way.


Providing remote agents and managers with a robust, secure, top-notch, easy-to-use software can drastically minimize the need for micromanage. CloudDesk automatically keeps track of actual active hours and breaks to ensure quality customer service. It also records when an agent passes idle time and provides metrics that are easy to collect under a single dashboard for all its agents. 

Overall this monitoring system improves agents’ service quality and ensures day to day goals are met. The higher the service quality, the better will be customer experience. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the agents are the face of your business.So by maximizing productivity and monitoring the work of your agents,you can ensure they maintain to all the standards and satisfy your clients’ needs.
Final Words

No matter  how sincere your agents are, using employee monitoring software can further enhance it and keep a good balance between your and your employers. It will give you solid evidence to evaluate your agents and your agents will always have the satisfaction of knowing that their hard work is not going in vain. If you want a secure and simplified way to oversee your remote agents, try CloudDesk employee monitoring software for call centres today to protect your business. Use the free account today so you can test out the innovative CloudDesk software and see how it will help you meet your business goals!


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