Best visitor management software features of 2018

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A visitor management software is supposed to make your life easier by reducing paper works, increasing security and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for manual log keeping. So, when it comes to choosing a visitor management software for your organization, it is essential that you select a system that will fulfill all your needs unique business needs and equipped with all the groundbreaking features. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best features to look for while choosing a visitor management software in 2018:

Pre-Register Visits

Pre-register guest before they arrive to make their check-in process hassle free and to save time. This feature allows you to select a host and schedule an appointment with date, time and location information. You can also send visit information to both the guest and the host via email.

Customizable Software

One of the most anticipated features from any business application these days is its ability to be customized. Every business has its unique requirements and operational system. The knowledge of fine-tuning business applications to handle the individual needs of a specific industry can significantly improve efficiency and productivity.

Digital Badges

Imagine the hassle and cost associated with the printing of paper or plastic badges every time a new visitor comes to your office or loses his previously issued identification. To resolve this issue go for a visitor management solution that offers the feature of creating and sending digital badges via email.

Biometric Technology

With so many new and returning visitors visiting your office every day, it can get a little difficult to identify a visitor and offer prompt feedback or authorize access to a certain area of the premises. That’s where biometric technology comes in handy. If your visitor management system is equipped with biometric identification technology, you can identify guests even using the CCTV footage from the entrance area or ask them to swipe their finger into a fingerprint scanner to identify them and take prompt decisions.



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Digital Agreement Form

If you are planning to capture visitors data, you should know that GDPR, the new European legislation has also profoundly affected how European organizations store their data and implement security measures for them. Do if you are planning to apply a visitor management system post GDPR era, then you should choose one that complies with the GDPR law and takes permission of your guests before saving their information.

Capture all the relevant information

The main idea behind a good visitor management software is its ability to capture all relevant information about the visit like visitors name, affiliation, time of appointment, the reason of visit, hostname and authorized areas of access, as well as the badge’s expiration time. These formations allow higher management officials to gain valuable insights.  So, an excellent visitor management system should have all the necessary features to capture this information.

Flag Troublemakers

One of the essential functions of a visitor management system is its ability to keep troublemakers out of the premise. They do that by keeping a log of events and incidents associated with every visitor and by flagging the ones that are a security threat to the organization. 

Third Party App Integration

In 2018 you should go for a visitor management solution that is future proof. So, Don’t forget to check how well it integrates with other web applications like the Door Access Control or An Watchlists Application.

Analytics and Reporting

A modern visitor management solution provides employees with analytical insights that help improve process and function within the organizations. One can quickly go through vital information such as Visitor Type, Entry Time, Departure Time, Visitor Name and Access Authorisation and look for patterns and improvement opportunities. For example, Office managers can identify peak visitor traffic hours or identify most busy areas that may require more staff resources during certain times of the day.


If you are a visitor management solution provider or a potential user of it, make sure your solution is scalable. This is the age of globalization and to make your visitor management system investment future proof, choose a solution with rapid scaling capabilities.

So, let us know if you agree with these top 10 list of visitor management software features in the comments section. If you are thinking about investing in an excellent visitor management system that checks all the necessary boxes, take a look at VisitorTrack. VisitorTrack is a cloud-based enterprise visitor management solution to make your visitor management more effective, efficient and secured.

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