Using CMMS For The Maintenance of Different Types of Popular Heavy Equipment Used Today

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Nobody likes it when their machines or equipment breaks down. Unplanned maintenance and repair of heavy equipment can be costly, time-consuming, and decreases productivity. Today, all agricultural properties, mining operations, and construction projects use different types and sizes of heavy equipment. It is the heavy equipment’s effectiveness that makes it possible for projects to be completed more quickly, thus, ensuring productivity is at its peak.  

Heavy equipment maintenance is crucial to keeping a business running smoothly and predictably to avoid work delays. That is why being proactive in maintenance is crucial to ensure that the heavy equipment is functioning properly and lasts longer. Popularly, many progressive companies are utilizing computerized maintenance management systems for the upkeep of their heavy equipment.

Popular Types of Heavy Equipment

Let’s take a look at some popular types of heavy equipment used in various industries today.  Additionally, a maintenance management system like CloudApper CMMS can be very useful for the upkeep of these different types of heavy equipment.


Excavators are used for different purposes. Typically, they are used to dig up earth materials like rocks, soil, clay, or sand. Excavators have two critical parts – the cab and the boom. When excavators are used frequently, the boom, cap, and other supporting parts like attachments and buckets should be inspected regularly and changed immediately if it shows signs of wear. Excavators are used in the construction of roads, bridges, dams, buildings, and even for mining and landscaping. They are also used to remove debris and rubble from dumping grounds. 


Dozers are typically used in construction sites and large-scale farming operations for moving and lifting heavy materials. Primarily they were used to carry heavy loads for agricultural purposes. However, now this equipment is also being used for mining, dredging, earthmoving, and even grading the soil for a new highway or road. If you are in the market for a dozer, make sure to do proper research as there are different types of dozers, and then choose one that best fits your budget and needs. 

Front Loader

Front-loaders are used for moving or lifting heavy materials like rocks, gravel, soil, concrete, etc. Generally, they are used as excavators in mining or digging and are commonly used in the agriculture, mining, and construction industries. To facilitate carrying heavy loads, front loaders use specialized tools like forklifts, skids, buckets, and trolleys. 


Backhoes are usually used in construction projects. This heavy equipment is also known as a real actor or backhoe operation and is often referred to as a digger. A backhoe is built with an excavating bucket mounted to a two-piece articulated arm with a backhoe shovel and bucket. The mount is usually installed on a tractor or front loader. This heavy equipment is useful when digging for a long time and is used for digging soil and other earthwork features like ditches and water wells.

Like excavators, regular inspections and preventive maintenance are crucial in a backhoe. Cleaning is also needed as backhoes are constantly in contact with debris and soils. If tires or tracks or other critical parts show signs of wear and tear, changing parts is vital. 



A grader is a type of mechanical automotive machinery that is used to make smooth surfaces through grading. A grader has a long horizontal blade with cutting teeth. Usually, it has two or more wheels, a hydraulic cylinder, and a transmission. This helps the user to control the direction of the blade, which cuts both horizontally and vertically. It is also equipped with a wide gear range that helps to operate it at different speeds. 

Dump Truck

As the name implies, dump trucks are used for dumping trash, which is usually found in construction sites. They are generally used for transporting heavy materials from one place to another. Dump trucks are equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that allows them to move heavy loads from one place to another. They are mostly used for moving large volumes of debris. They can also be used for filling potholes on roads or carting debris and dirt off from an excavation site. Dump trucks are also referred to as dumpster trucks. 

Utilize CloudApper CMMS to Streamline Maintenance Tasks

If you own one or two pieces of heavy equipment, maintenance is easy. You can perform regular inspections without much hassle. But if you own a fleet of different trucks, maintenance can be very difficult. With CloudApper CMMS, you can identify which equipment parts require changing. You can schedule maintenance tasks in advance to ensure and improve their performance and lifecycle. Along with another app called CloudApper Fleet, you can efficiently manage your vehicles in real-time. You will be able to save fuel and maintenance costs, make proper documentations like warranty claims, manage your drivers, and optimize vehicle usage.

Proactive maintenance requires forward-thinking initiatives. Do not waste any more time and start streamlining your maintenance tasks now with CloudApper CMMS

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2 thoughts on “Using CMMS For The Maintenance of Different Types of Popular Heavy Equipment Used Today

  • November 26, 2022 at 6:05 am

    Such an amazing information on the different types of popular heavy equipment used today. These information may help many business owners to learn more about which machinery is best for their worksite.

  • November 26, 2022 at 6:10 am

    Such an amazing information on the different types of popular heavy equipment used today. These information may help many business owners to learn more about which machinery is best for their worksite.


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