Global Visitor Management Software Market and its Impact on Businesses

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Visitor management software is one of the most popular ones in the software business industry and is continuously striving for global acceptance. The enhanced innovative features influence the users to adopt this effective software to automate their visitor management system and it is increasing at a higher rate. In recent years, enterprises adopted visitor management software to increase efficiency and security in the business.

Current Market Status

Analyzing the global market status, adoption rate, growth opportunity, and geographic segmentation a research report published their prediction that the worldwide visitor management software market is likely to earn a revenue of $630 million by 2025. As a consequence, the tremendous impact has been observed on the businesses.

Driving Factors of Visitor Management Software Market Growth

The importance of tracking the visitors for the future action plan, implementation of the paperless office for a sustainable environment, and operational efficiency are driving factors for the rapid growth of the global visitor management software market. The same factors will influence the small and medium enterprises of developing countries to adopt the system in the nearest future.

Impact of Visitor Management Software on Businesses

Businesses nowadays compete in a corporate world where every single information and each minute of productivity are considered as game-changing factors. Visitor management doesn’t facilitate the companies managing the visitors for any individual events only but also impacts the businesses in many ways as follows:

Increased Productivity

An average US company entertains hundreds of visitors every day, and all of them need to create an appointment with the contact persons, and the employees also need to manage the schedules. On the other hand, very often meetings become overlapped in the same meeting room, and they need to attend to their clients till the meeting room is vacant. The visitor management software automates the visitor management process and increases productivity saving precious working hours which is worth millions of US dollars.

Reduced Administrative Cost

A visitor management software eliminates the use of register/ log book facilitating automatic check-in process registering the information or as per appointment. The digital badge replaces the usage of printed or RFID cards for using on-premises and allows permission for internal access. It reduces the expenses of dedicated human resources in front desks for maintaining visitors and saves thousands of dollars for buying stationery.

Secure Access

To avoid any unwanted incident, enterprises take some security measures to secure the access of visitors to their premises. Traditional register/ log book method is not enough for accurate identification, whereas the visitor management system can authenticate the visitors issuing unique visitor ID and digital badge. Besides, using Web API of the biometric identification system, it’s possible to ensure the utmost security through any web-based visitor management software.

Easy Deployment Model

Kicking off the traditional concept of deploying software is the matter of massive investment visitor management systems like Visitor Track are offering Software-as-a-Service for small and medium enterprises. It doesn’t require massive investment for developing software and maintaining a specialized IT infrastructure. According to the business size and users, the enterprises can choose the best subscription plan that is easily customizable.

Success Story

The leading international provider of IT solutions for healthcare systems, the HCI Group, provides a learning opportunity for staff and physicians by licensed trainers to receive comprehensive role-based training at their facility. Without a proper modern visitor management system, HCI Group couldn’t track these trainers’ visiting hours, duration in the offices and proper identification and verification. They decided to install a cloud-based biometric visitor management system- Visitor Track to identify the onsite trainers and most importantly keep their records of incoming and outgoing at all 30 terminal points of access in the Facilities. Download a free case study to learn more.

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