5 Tips That Will Help Maximize Productivity Of Call Center Agents

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Running a call center is incredibly hectic.  Loads of calls are coming in and out. And when so much is happening in your call center, it does not seem possible to measure your employees’ productivity rates. In particular, the efficiency of call centers depends on their agents’ productivity.

When you agents are productive, happy with their job, motivated, they are able to deliver great customer service. And on the contrary, if they are unhappy and overworked, it will affect their results. Call centers are competitive and one of today’s most challenging industries. Which is  why it’s important to ensure the productivity of agents to help you develop your business.

In this article, we will talk about how to measure employee productivity in a call centre and how you can increase agent engagement and productivity. Here are five tips that will improve the productivity of your agents.

  1. Give them a supportive work environment: In general, call centers concentrate on increasing the number of incoming and outgoing calls. Often agents have to deal with enormous pressure to fulfill their target and live a stressful life. Excessive pressure affects their productivity. There is no point of handling thousands of calls if an agent can’t provide high quality of service to its customers. Instead of putting too much work pressure on agents, supervisors have to find ways to make a friendly team and a happy work environment. They also must consider the need of agents to take breaks with enjoyable activities to encourage the morality of agents and to think about recreational time.
  2. Use data to motivate agents, not to demoralize them: You can have several ways to measure the productivity of your call center agents. But it is important to use these metrics to provide helpful feedback to your agents so that they can improve themselves and perform better.
    If you use the metrics to those who are struggling to perform in a negative way, you run the risk of increasing turnover. You can also arrange sessions where the high performing agents would share their routines and experiences, this will help boost the overall call center performance.


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  3. Appreciate and reward: Motivation can help every agent to excel in their job. When you appreciate an employee for a job well done, not only you make them happy, you also boost their satisfaction. This appreciation also sends a message to other employees that they would also be rewarded for performing well. Make achievable goals. These acts can help boost a culture of healthy competition in your call center which will benefit your business. 
  4. Allow agents to take short breaks: During their working hours, call center agents suffer a lot of stress and pressure. All of these problems in a call center can affect efficiency and work results. The best way to let your agents relax is by their changing hours, taking brief yet regular breaks. Whether to grab a cup of coffee or simply to stretch their body, doing this can help give them some sense of relaxation. 
  5. Use The Right Software: It is not a simple job to run a call center with a large number of agents, so much can go wrong. Most call centers have a large number of remote agents, so using a tool that is designed to help agents maintain high remote employee engagement levels is essential. Even if you have in-house agents, these monitoring tools can help you manage your employee groups. 

To conduct a accurate and precise monitoring you need to find a tool that will: 

  • Track your call center agents web activity while they are working 
  • Enable employees to check-in/check-out and enroll their Face ID for attendance confirmation throughout the work day
  • Show the idle hours of your agents during work hours
  • Produce real-time productivity reports detailing your employees’ work activity.

Fortunately, CloudDesk is an all-in-one solution to track your agent. And because CloudDesk only monitors the performance of agents during working hours, you never face a problem with privacy issues. 

Monitoring contact center agent productivity can seem like an extremely challenging task. But if you use the right monitoring tools, it’ll only be a matter of time until you get data to measure how productive each of your engaged agents are.  CloudDesk is an affordable and effective remote employee monitoring software that keeps an eye on call center agents’ activity and helps to boost productivity. If you are interested in increasing your productivity, or the productivity of your agents, then CloudDesk is the right monitoring tool for your and your team. 

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