Web based Visitor Management System for Small Business

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Small businesses around the world are always looking for cost effective ways to adopt technology. One of the growing technology small businesses are introducing to their system is Visitor Management System. Businesses of any size attract visitors on their premises and with visitors come the burning question related to security. Also it is a matter of cost effectiveness as maintaining ID cards, printers and kiosks are very expensive and signing paper log books are not a modern way of running business.

What is a Visitor Management System:

Visitor management is the process of identifying people who enters your office premises. This people can be anyone, it can be a customer, delivery boy, an applicant from your job circular, a consultant, a contractor, or top management’s relatives. Basically, who is not a regular employee is a visitor.

Benefits of Visitor Management System:

Modern visitor management system can quickly fix issues like security, safety, interruption, receptionists stuck at their desk compare to old manual systems. Take a look at the following benefits of having a modern day cloud based visitor management solution integrated to your business system.

  • Building security and Safety:

Software based visitor management system provides you with the extra protection you need by identifying visitors accurately and speedily. Some modern visitor management system uses latest biometric technology and provide digital badges to securely manage lobby security and safety. It is extremely important to provide security and safety to your people in the facilities.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

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  • Visitor Privacy:

For some businesses privacy is a utmost concern i.e. when you have a visitor from legal or financial services, you must keep their privacy. A visitor log book is not the best solution in keeping their privacy. Anyone can go through the log book and learn about previous or current visitors. It is your responsibility to provide customer or visitor privacy at the very top. A cloud-based biometric visitor management system uses fingerprint, finger vein, iris or facial recognition to accurately identify visitors, hence keep their privacy in-check.

  • Saves Money:

A good system will save you a lot of money by minimizing the cost of processing each visitor. There are also hidden costs that are difficult to measure like breach of security. Having an automated VMS will eliminate these costs significantly.

  • Creates an Impression:

You as a business always want to build an impression which lasts forever. A visitor management system helps you make great first impression by making your visitors feel welcome. It is also provides a positive visitor experience by quickly checking them in and manoeuvring them where they want to go.

  • Flexibility and Ability to Grow with Your Business:

A proper visitor tracking system is highly flexible and scalable. This means the solution satisfy your growing needs. The M2SYS VisitorTrack™ solution is state of the art, cost effective, cloud-based biometric visitor management solution that supports fingerprint, finger vein and iris recognition. M2SYS also has an app build for the best customers experience to scan and automatically upload documents, issue digital badge and so on.

Benefits of integrating  VisitorTrack™ Visitor Management Software to your system:

  • Implementation is very easy as it is cloud-based,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • Send digital badge to visitors for identity verification,
  • Mobile app captures and automatically upload data,
  • Biometrics ensures secure check-in,
  • Add visitors to watchlist who are unauthorized or problematic,
  • Save visitors data for future needs,
  • Pre-register visitors to fasten the check-in process.

M2SYS Technology is the pioneer of Biometric Visitor Management Solution provider having 17 years of experience in Biometrics & Identity Management. Please feel free to visit www.m2sys.com to learn more about Visitor Management System.

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