Next Level Security: Should You Be Using Biometric Technology

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The following guest post on next level security: should you be using biometric technology was submitted by Nika Goggard

In a world such as ours where digital technology is incredibly dominant, safeguarding confidential information is not only desirable but necessary. Unfortunately, ensuring a strong and reliable security network in any organization is not without its challenges.

For a long time, passwords have been used to protect data from hackers and other third parties. Although they are still relevant today, a lot of loopholes in the system has made it quite inadequate to meet the growing security requirements of the digital world. This need is what has given rise to ironclad security systems like the biometric technology.

In recent years, biometric technology has become one of the most reliable and attractive security solutions used by organizations. It does not only offer a more rigid security but also easily overcomes the timekeeping challenge frequently experienced by various establishments with password authentication.

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Biometric security is usually accomplished with devices that capture and record several human traits such as voice and fingerprints for use in subsequent personal identification. In other words, users must be authenticated through anyone of traits above before they can be granted access to electronic assets. This method is more reliable because the information it stores for each user is unique and so identification and access is complicated enough to prevent the third party access.

Although not as popular like other tech trends like cloud computing, biometric authentication is fast becoming the most preferred security measure in work environments to control access to offices and structures. And while it is more effective and faster, it is not without its critics.

Several employees have expressed privacy concerns in using the technology while others completely objects to it to their religious beliefs. As a result the major problem of biometric technology has been that of implementation in various organizations.

However, even with these milestones, biometric has been reckoned as the future of electronic security and there are many reasons you should be using it in your organizations.

A timely intervention for an ever changing IoT Landscape

As the IoT landscape gets more complex, addressing security challenges also become sophisticated. Considering recent events, it’s obvious passwords and physical tokens are no longer sufficient to stop hackers and other unauthorized access to user information.

However with biometric, access is difficult (if not impossible) even for sophisticated hackers. And access to devices is less clumsy compared to when using traditional passwords.



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Greater Efficiency

No matter how strong a password is, it can be replicated. However, for biometrics, this is not possible since authentication is based on the physical traits of an individual which is unique. In other words, biometric technology is a more effective security solution than the use of passwords.

And it’s not only large organization that are benefiting from it, on-device biometrics is also available to mobile users.

An End to Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a common abuse in many organizations; a situation where one employee clocks in for another worker even when the worker hasn’t really started doing any work. Sometimes the worker may not even be around.

With biometric security, such thing cannot happen since access to computer systems are personal and unique. Also, once an employee clocks off, it is possible to automatically prevent further access.

This easily solves the wage problem where an employee may claim to have worked for more hours than he actually did.

Additionally, biometric screening of workers for health programs has been discovered to be more effective and less expensive.

Now your turn

We could go on and on highlighting the benefits of biometric tech. While implementation may not be easy due to employee complaints and objections, it is clear that when executed it can provide a lasting solution to the security challenges in your workplace.

Biometrics is already taking over the world; don’t get left behind!

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