Infographics: New Trends in Biometric Technology Today – 2018

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With the advancement of new technology, the year 2018 will foreshadow last year’s biometric technology trends. Some of the new trends in biometric technology today and the areas which will have the most potential through implementation or integration of the latest biometrics are shown below:

Biometrics in Airport Technology

  • Currently, over 800 million biometric passports are in circulation and used for airport check-ins.
  • Identify terrorists
  • Verify the identity of the passengers
  • Identify flagged passengers

Biometrics in Healthcare

  • Credence Research reports the usages of the latest biometrics in healthcare is growing at a CAGR of 22.9 percent.
  • Access control applications such as identifying hospital personnel,
  • Identifying patients,
  • Restricting access to specific areas

Mobile Biometrics

  • By 2020, nearly all smart devices including mobile phones, tablets and wearables will have some form of biometric security enablement.
  • With over 700,000 locations globally, Apple Pay using biometrics for payment
  • Ensure secure remote access
  • Portable biometric functionality

Biometric Modalities

  • Earlier uni-modal biometric systems were used which depended upon the use of a single human characteristic. Such systems had many disadvantages which led to the development of a multimodal biometric system.
  • Fingerprint – Affordable
  • Finger vein – Accurate
  • Iris – Hygienic

Facial Recognition

  • Facial recognition technology has made its mark in 2017. Not limited to just unlocking your phone in 2018, this technology will open all of its potential for consumers.
  • Law enforcement and security Surveillance use it to track down criminals
  • Tracking Shoppers companies will allow you to shop with your face
  • School Attendance in the UK have started using it to take attendance


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