How Biometric Integration Fights Against External Threats?

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Internal and external; these are two different environments of any business. Any enterprise can control the internal environments and can ensure it’s security easily. However, the challenge is to control the external environment that always remains out of the range, and anytime any security concern may arise. As such, businesses may be previous to the several threats imposed by the external environment. To secure your business from external threats, biometric identification might be a fantastic idea. Let’s see how biometric integration fight against external threats:

Human Threats

A biometric identification system can secure office premises from intruders. In this regard, only two things should be brought into consideration. One is a biometric-enabled time clock to identify the employees of the enterprise, and another is a biometric visitor management system to identify and log the visitors. To secure your organization from external human threats, these both are important to prevent the access of intruders as an employee or as a visitor.

KYC for Banking Industry

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the most familiar term in the banking and finance industry. To maintain proper due diligence, there is no exception but KYC. Most often, it has been observed that people use wrong information for their KYC or apply for more credits that violate the policy of due diligence. To prevent these sorts of fraudulent activity and enrich external security like identifying the person biometric KYC is the best solution among different KYC methods.

Medical Information Theft

In the United States, the 176 million medical records breached by 2017, and the rate is increasing at an alarming rate. These records include personal information, health information, electronic health record, billing information, and health insurance information of an individual. These data are being traded in the black market at a high price that causes huge financial loss for hospitals, insurer companies, and also a great threat for individuals. A biometric patient identification secures the healthcare industry and individuals from external threats of the medical data breach.



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Card-not-Present Fraud

Juniper Research shows a forecast on Online Payment Fraud that shows retailers are about to lose $130 billion in revenue within 2023 for card-not-present transaction fraud. Fraudsters use wrong addresses and different cards for online shopping, and after receiving their orders, they claim that they didn’t receive the order. In this sort of case, retailers have to count losses. If the retailers use biometric customer identification, it’s possible to prevent card-not-present fraud easily that can save the retail industry from losing billions of dollars.

Data Breach

In the era of Information and Technology, data is considered as the more powerful weapon. However, do you think your data center is secure enough from external threats? There are two ways to steal your data from your data center; one is accessing the data center physically, and another is accessing your network. For both cases, biometric identification can protect your data from being breached. Integrating biometric identification as login credentials for your data center can create the strongest shield for your data center.

The technology is forwarding too fast as well as the intruders and fraudsters are finding the loopholes. Think about the utmost security measure before it’s too late. Know more about biometric integration to fight against external threats and secure your enterprise.

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  • December 20, 2022 at 4:52 am

    We need to be able to use biometrics devices on mobile phones to capture a user’s biometrics. We want to know more about this. We also want to know how much it will cost.



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