10 Ways Biometric Technology is Implemented in Today’s Business World

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Biometric Technology recognizes and validates as per biological or behavioral characteristics. As this technology is secured and convenient, the development and uses is increasing rapidly. For example, five years back, people didn’t think about the uses of a fingerprint in their cell phones, but today this is an essential feature of a smartphone to secure user data. Alike the scope of Biometrics Technology is expanding hastily and making the life more comfortable, more straightforward, smarter as well as guaranteed.

Usage of Biometric Technology

The uses of biometric technology are significant in today’s business world as enumerated:

  1. Know Your Customers (KYC)

Every business tries to provide personalized product and services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. That’s why they need more and more information about their customers’ needs, previous records and behavior. But how can a business personalize their offerings if they don’t have access to accurate customer data? That’s why companies are now using biometric technology to track and identify every customers’ behavior.

  1. Time & Attendance

In the term of business, it is said that “Time is money.” They thrive to make every second of an employee’s work hour productive. Some companies use biometric soft clock to eliminate buddy punching, time theft and results in the rise of accountability, reduction of payroll error and boosts productivity.

  1. Workforce Management

Many organizations need to ensure the accuracy of workforce data to comply with number of internal and external policies; a biometric-based workforce management solution might be the perfect choice for them. Using LaborTrack™ – a biometric based workforce management system, any organization can accurately maintain demographic data, segregate skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled employees and facilitate shift management.

  1. Visitor Management

Are your still using Log Book/ID Cards for managing your visitors? There are far more effortless ways to collect visitors’ data and grant them access to a secured area or file. Biometric visitor management system can identify visitors with their biometric data, collect demographic data and send digital badges that can be shown anytime during his visit.



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  1. School Management

From the identification of students for maintaining lunch lines, academic records or to record attendance report during an examination; everything can be done with the great amount of accuracy and simplicity using the biometric technology. A system equipped with such features can make the life of school authorities hassle-free as well as leaves the guardian tension-free.

  1. Membership Management

Being a member of any club or society adds distinct values. So there should be a smart membership management system to deal with the member. Use of biometrics for membership management enhances the user experience, increases efficiency, flexibility, and transparency eases data management and reduces identity fraud and errors. Besides a biometric membership management system is affordable and scalable for managing any membership business.

  1. Patient Identification

Biometric technology is now used in medical and healthcare facilities to accurately identify patient and securely access their medical history and demographic data. It helps prevent duplication of medical records and assures the security of personal medical information of the patient. Quick identification with biometric technology also helps in different hospitals to save unconscious patient lives and improve the doctors with their treatment by making the right decisions in light of their past medical history.

  1. Secured Financial Services

Biometric technology enhances the reliability of banks and financial institutions through secured and convenient service quality. With the help of biometric technology, it is possible to identify the account holder, non-account holder, which can save millions of dollars each year from identity fraud/theft. On the other hand, it creates a concrete audit trail, that ensures a high level of accountability, which improves internal operational efficiency. As biometric technology is easy to implement and difficult to breach, the adoption is increasing rapidly, and the number of fraudulent activities is coming down rapidly.

  1. Driver’s Identification

Often drivers are found to be involved with criminal activities like  using duplicate/fake license, stolen vehicles or using rigged number plates. Sometimes they also hide their past criminal records to get job by using fake identity. That’s why transport authorities and businesses are using biometric technology to store, process and de-duplicate millions of driver license, their track record, shifts, and past criminal records. It minimizes the risk of being invaded by any fraudulent drivers and also reduces the rate of an accident by identifying non-professional drivers.

  1. Identification of Blood Donors

Blood banks collect blood from the donors, but there remain high risks of getting the infected blood from proxy or professional donors. If the donor is screened properly before collecting blood, instead of saving lives it might cost another. That’s why biometric identification technology is now used in blood banks to register the donor and keep record of his/ her medical history and to avoid unqualified donors.

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