Benefits of using Iris Scanning Software in Hospitals

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The data breach, medical identity theft, and duplicate medical records are all nightmares for any hospital in the US, due to their enormous impact on healthcare data safety and integrity and organizational reputation. To take protection against these accidents, iris scanning software can be useful. To help you understand more on how an Iris scanning software can help, here we have put together all the benefits of it:

Benefits of using Iris Scanning Software in Hospitals

Iris Scanning Reduce Identity Theft

Iris is one of the unique features of a human. Everyone in this world has a unique iris pattern. This sort of functionality can be used by hospitals to prevent identity theft. Patient ID card/Password can get lost/stolen, but their iris will always be there with them. If the patient is identified through their iris, it will be impossible from an intruder to steal important identity information.

Eliminate Duplicate Medical Records

A duplicate medical record is another threat to the healthcare industry. It can cause serious issues like death and reduce data integrity. According to John Hopkins Hospital, 92% of duplicate records are created during impatient registration. Iris scanning takes only a few minutes and produces a faster result that eliminates the chances of impatient registration and lowers the risk of duplicate medical records.

Reduce Data Breaches

Iris scan provides tight data security. Only an authorized person can access the data. It makes data breaches impossible

 Prevent Fraud

Iris cannot be manipulated or duplicated. If their iris secures the patient information, there will be no chance of fraudulent activity. The patient will be easily identified through their iris and can blacklist those who have done fraudulent activity in the past.

 Increase ROI

Think about all those benefits described above. What you can sense is the rise in service efficiency. Iris scanning will make your hospital operation error-free, smooth and effective, which inevitably increases service quality which will eventually bring in more patients and higher ROI.

Iris scanning safeguards hospitals from data breaches, medical identity theft, and duplicate medical records. Which allows them to protects their valuable investment and provide quality of service to their patients. Are you facing similar kind of problem in your healthcare facilities? Feel free to reach us.




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