Mobile Biometric Scanner Software for Police to Help Identify Suspects

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Identifying a suspect is one of the primary tasks of the police. However suspect often hide through their cunning makeup and disguise. Even with the fake passport and Id. It is so difficult to find suspect through their common picture, but how about a technology that could help police to identify their suspect within a minute, how about a technology that could deliver all required information within a minute. No, it is not impossible, it is possible. It is possible through mobile biometric scanner and software for police.

Mobile Biometric Scanner Software for Police to Help Identify Suspects

What is a Mobile Biometric Scanner

Biometrics is the way of identifying a person through their unique biological features. Such examples include fingerprint, finger vein, iris, face recognition, and voice recognition. These features cannot be copied, manipulated or lost. A person can disguise them but cannot conceal their fingerprint, iris, finger vein or face. Mobile biometric scanner and software for police come with the technology that can identify these biometric features of a human. It is portable so that the police can take it everywhere with them. Its specialized software is powered by biometric, so it can detect suspect so quickly no matter what situation arises. Moreover, it’s information stored in the cloud so police can access them from everywhere. Thanks to CloudABIS™ scalable biometric as a service matching system that helps police to match their suspect’s identity faster.

Why a Mobile Biometric Scanner works for Police

Think about a typical police job. It’s hardly a desk job at all. Police have to move from one place another to chase a suspect. Police need something that remains with them, stays in their pocket so that they can carry them easily and use them whenever required. A mobile biometric device can fulfill all these essential needs along with helping police in identifying a suspect through biometric identification. In the rainy day, or in the remote places mobile devices are the only solution that the police can carry with them. In short, these portable biometric scanners are easy to carry, gives an instant answer and can be used anywhere to identify a suspect. For example, MULTICHECK-C™   a mobile biometric scanner device that police can take anywhere. It’s rugged build make it easy to use in any remote location. Its long battery life can help police to work long hour and perform their duty uninterruptedly. Thanks to ePolice™  a biometric software solution for police to help them anytime and anywhere. This sophisticated software has data exchange capabilities with the global agencies, as result police can access data anywhere and anytime when required. Besides this software provide intelligence report and analytics that help police to take an important decision.



Law Enforcement Operational Management

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An integrated platform to address the needs of all law enforcement operational units including case management, investigations, booking systems, demographic databases etc.

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Criminals tend to be cunning and fast, to chase a criminal police need to be fast and efficient. The cutting-edge technology like mobile biometric scanner and software can help police to identify suspect faster and efficiently and make our lives safe from unwanted criminals.

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