Biometrics Passwordless Authentication To Grow in 2023

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Biometrics passwordless authentication is one of the most anticipated topics in 2023, as we are expecting massive technological growth. Passwordless authentication via biometrics is expected to develop gradually amid economic and geopolitical instability.

Biometrics passwordless authentication

It is widely known that hackers frequently develop ways to bypass password-based security systems. They may be time-consuming and difficult to handle due to the frequent need to change passwords due to user forgetfulness, resulting in a poor user experience. Here are some of the reasons:

Better alternative  

The occurrence of these difficulties puts into question the wisdom of requiring passwords for resource access. Passwordless authentication might solve these problems while also improving security and user experience. Passwords become less valuable to thieves when they are reduced or withdrawn from usage. By using more strong authentication methods, such as biometrics, hackers will find it much more difficult and costly to get unauthorized access. Additional security layers, such as risk-based multi-factor authentication and cloud biometrics, can improve login security.

Better usability

Password-free authentication can improve user experience by eliminating the need to provide a login and password. Users frequently have to go through the bother of resetting their passwords because they have forgotten them. Another problem is that the harder it is to remember a password, the more secure it is. Bad UX is often the result of many sources of the problem. Users no longer have to develop, remember, or recall (or update) complex passwords when passwordless authentication is implemented. Instead, the user experience might be improved by offering easy login options such as facial recognition to confirm users’ identities.

Better future

There has been an increase in the development of ostensibly password-free experiences in which passwords are just hidden, such as when biometrics are used to access a password. This happy medium leaves users vulnerable to credential-based attacks while providing the enhanced UX that comes with passwordless login.

Even if a future without passwords is still a ways off, this steady change illustrates the growing importance of biometrics and foretells the end of passwords. The creation of an ecosystem for authentication, with usage guidelines determined by the risk level of a use case, is the most likely evolutionary path to the development of a secure yet practical mobile payments ecosystem. The ultimate goal is a reliable payment system that works with all mobile operating systems and conforms to ever-tighter rules.

What 2023 holds for passwordless authentication 

The size of the global market for passwordless authentication was estimated at USD 12.26 billion in 2021, and it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 18.2% from 2022 to 2030. The ease of data access from anywhere and improved security are increasing the rise of password-free authentication systems. Passwordless authentication appears to have a brighter future than ever thanks to cloud-based biometric authentication. The complete implications of biometric-based authentication are now simpler than ever because turnkey biometric solutions are also becoming increasingly common these days.





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