Cloud-based biometric software for Windows 10

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Developing your own biometric SDK requires years of practical experience. Biometric technology is complex for every platform including software for Windows 10. Building one SDK for  a single biometric modality takes up a lot of time and a costs a lot of money.

To alleviate these sorts of problems and secure the success of a biometric project, M2SYS Technology has developed different types of cloud-based biometric software for Windows 10. This approach makes it much easier to integrate a biometric SDK with any Windows application. M2SYS has developed CloudScanr™ for cloud-based biometric integration.

Let us take a quick look at CloudScanr™ to understand what it does and how it can make a biometric project more successful, especially when it comes to biometric software for Windows 10.

CloudScanr™ – Biometric software for Windows 10

CloudScanr™ is a special biometric integration SDK that is developed to cater to the need of serviced based biometric software. This cloud-based SDK was designed to follow the service or SAAS based model type M2SYS software which works on the cloud. With CloudScanr™ one can easily integrate any biometric hardware with any windows application along with a large number of web applications. This cloud SDK eliminates any need for low-level SDK development. Developers working on a biometric project will not be worrying anymore about the ActiveX, any native code integration and or browser plug-ins.

CloudScanr™ was developed to empower the users with a different level of flexibility and also the empowerment to be able to configure the project in the exact way the users wants to have. By far CloudScanr™ can be the best biometric software for Windows 10.

Moreover, CloudScanr™ biometric software for Windows 10 works seamlessly with M2SYS award-winning multimodal biometric matching engine, CloudABIS™. This unique and super scalable matching engine supports fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, face and iris recognition. CloudABIS™ has the power to process 10 million fingerprints within a mere second. This biometric matching engine has been adopted by different governments, renowned agencies and companies worldwide.

Also, CloudScanr™ is already integrated with M2SYS unique invention, CloudApper™, a rapid cloud application building tool. With this tool CloudApper™, any person can build a cloud application without any code level knowledge. This tool features a drag and drops module to construct any cloud application. And of course, with the help of CloudScanr™ backed by CloudABIS™ matching engine, it becomes a full-fledged biometric cloud software instantly.

Cloud biometric software for windows 10 can be many, but the best of them has to be the CloudScanr™. It just not only save money and valuable time for a project but also empower people to have what they need and desire. CloudScanr™ is the best solution for any biometric project.

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