Best biometric software for windows 7

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Finding the best biometric software for windows 7 should not be a controversial issue. It is yet rather simple to compare between all the biometric software in the market today. A proper biometric software has to have 3 criteria to be called the best biometric software for windows 7. These are, the ability to perfectly integrate with any sort of developing environment, the ability to perform better, faster and accurate, and lastly, multimodality of the single biometric software, which means one single biometric software supports multiple biometric authentications.

Let’s now take a look at the M2SYS CloudABIS™ multimodal biometric solution and then you can decide yourself if it is the best biometric software for windows seven or not. The most amazing thing about CloudABIS™ is that it totally removes your burden of creating an SDK. Just imagine how much that saves you in terms of money, time and hassle.

CloudABIS™ is a multimodal biometric matching system which supports a robust fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, facial recognition, voice recognition and iris recognition. This unique creation from M2SYS instantly integrates with any sort of application developed on any platform, may it be web based or windows based. This super-fast and super-efficient biometric matching engine can perform matching of 100 million fingerprints per second and up to 30 million iris templates per second in a single server. This makes CloudABIS™ having one of the fastest matching algorithms that are developed by the finest engineers of M2SYS Technology Inc.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

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CloudABIS™ is fit for all size biometric projects. This system can both be deployed on-premise on user side server if the user is concerned with data privacy or something such as that. Again, CloudABIS™ can be also used through M2SYS public cloud through a SAAS based model.

CloudABIS™ is being used by many recognized companies, agencies, and even different country governments are using this robust technology to keep the proper identification of people and reduce identity fraud. Large scalable server and having the fastest matching algorithm makes this system the primary choice for large-scale biometric projects.

One more amazing thing CloudABIS™ is capable of and that is the fastest deduplication in history. All the software available for deduplicating biometric data works this way, each template is first chosen and then checked with N number of templates. This makes them slow and really time-consuming in terms of biometric data deduplication. CloudABIS™ Deduplicator does not follow the same rule and that’s what makes it so unique. This M2SYS invented biometric deduplication works with a specially designed deduplication algorithm which makes the process so fast that millions and millions of data can be deduplicated within a couple of hours or so.

CloudABIS™ supports most of the popular database such as any SQL compliant database, including MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, DB2, Informix. This also enables you to store your biometric templates more easily and without taking any special hassle.

Back in 2007 the Frost and Sullivan awarded M2SYS Technology with the North American Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award, because of great innovation and robust technology it brought into the market with their biometric solution Bio-Plugin (Former name of CloudABIS™ Enterprise which is hosted on-premise).

Best biometric software for windows 7 is right in front of you. It’s now your choice who you should consider as the best biometric software for windows 7 or any other operating system. You also can avail the great advantage of this system. Just Click Here or send an email telling us about your project at We are here to help.

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