Cloud Based School Visitor Management Application

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Visitor management systems for schools has become a necessity. This is mainly because with all the catastrophic incidents that took place in many schools that need to be taken seriously. All these incidents lead to adopting new security policies for maximizing security on the premise. The best way for this is to track people who are inside the assumption to get to know, who is supposed to be there, and who is not.

To accurately track people entering or leaving the premises, a visitor management system is mandatory. Log books or paper sheets are always a mess and never provides a proper reference when needed. Visitor management systems cannot always offer concrete proof of evidence due to lack of adequate identification. These problems can be solved using a proper biometric visitor management system such as VisitorTrack™.

VisitorTrack™ is a unique biometric visitor management system which enables a user to leverage the multimodal biometric features of the system. This system eliminates paper logs and printed badges, saving the user a lot of hassle and extra expenditure.

Here is a quick tour of VisitorTrack™ to let you go through the features of this biometric visitor management system.

Multimodal Biometric Support

VisitorTrack™ is a multimodal biometric-enabled visitor management system. VisitorTrack™ supports fingerprints, finger vein recognition, facial recognition, & iris recognition. Biometric measures make it nearly impossible for identity theft. The students and guests will be enrolled one time, and from that point on, that individual can be identified a countless number of times using their biometric features.

Removes any badge printing

VisitorTrack™ empowers a user with digital badges that can be directly sent to the visitor’s smartphones. The digital badges can be scanned through visitor track mobile applications and be sure if the visit is authenticated or not. This technology saves the user from the maintenance of printers and badges and thus saves a lot of extra costs associated with those.

Flagging or Banning

Imagine a guest has been banned from entering a premise of company office located somewhere in Asia for espionage activities. If he tries to do that same in company XYZ office located somewhere in Latin America, how you will stop it? Through VisitorTrack™ of course. This biometric visitor management system has a flagging or banning system for the visitors. You can flag a visitor from your premises due to any policy breaking or harmful activities. And this will also circulate in any other office you have worldwide. Since VisitorTrack™ is a cloud-based visitor management system which shares the same biometric database and action list, you will be safe, and everyone will be under the same roof, no matter wherever they might be.



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No repetitive sign on

In other sorts of visitor management systems, guests have to write their credentials and state the reason for the visit with a bunch of information every time they visit. VisitorTrack™ removes this sort of redundant sign in process. VisitorTrack™ categorizes visitors and creates a unique experience using the biometric features. Guests will scan their biometrics, and the receptionist will instantly book a visit with the appropriate credentials.

Real-Time Documentation

VisitorTrack™ has a unique feature of real-time documentation to store critical identifiable documents of the guest. Through the mobile application, a picture can be taken of anything and stored under the profile of the guest for future reference. This eliminates the need of card and document scanning devices and provides a simple all in one solution.

These are some of the primary features that add an immediate benefits to a school upon implementation. VisitorTrack™ undoubtedly is the best visitor management system for any school, college or university. Let us know if you would like more information about this biometric visitor management solution at

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