Five bottom Line Benefits of a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System

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Visitor management has become a frequent topic nowadays. Organizations sometimes face increased visitor flow that affects the organization’s safety and decreases the productivity of employees. To ensure the safety of your office, on-premise tracking visitor identity and keeping a proper log of their visit is a must. That’s why every organization look for such system that is safe, secure and cost-effective as well as establish utmost safety in the office.

Five bottom Line Benefits of a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System

Cloud-based technology has widened its blessings in every aspect of our life. No doubt everyone in today’s world is enjoying the benefits of cloud technology. The good news is this front-line technology also widen its blessings in the sector of visitor management system too. If you are wondering about its benefits on visitor management system here is the five bottom-line benefits for you to help you decide on deploying cloud-based visitor management system.

Easy Deployment

A cloud-based visitor management system is easy to deploy. You don’t need to waste countless hours implementing such a system in your office. It takes only a few hours to complete the initial setup and rest is being maintained by the cloud.


Cloud system is highly scalable by its nature. You can increase or decrease your data size according to your need. You don’t need to take the extra burden on accommodating larger data size to your system. Isn’t it great!

Remote Access

Cloud-based visitor management system gives you remote access. Since your visitor data is saved on the cloud means you can access it from everywhere when required. Which means you still can monitor your visitor data while you are on the world tour for your important business meeting.

High Level of Security

When it comes to tracking and recording your visitor’s data, it is essential to ensure the highest level of security for them. If you are wondering, whether it is wise to save your data on a cloud? Your concern is valid. But you should know that modern cloud solutions are highly protected against outside threat. Similarly, if you enable biometric authentication, you will be protected against internal threats too, as only authorized persons can access the data using their biometric.



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After going through all these benefits, you might be thinking that such cutting-edge technology will be costly. No, it is not, instead it is affordable and also do not incur extra cost after its installation. Moreover, you will only pay based on your data size. You do not need to bear all those data maintenance costs, and also need not spend that extra money that you have not incurred any more. For example VisitorTrack™ one of the cloud-based visitor management system powered by biometric. Moreover, you don’t need to build any biometric-based identification system as this visitor management system is supported by CloudABIS™ biometric matching system that can compare millions of ISO fingerprint template. In short, it is affordable, cost-effective and time saver for your business but gives you maximum security.

Safety in office establishes a tranquil work environment that is very much crucial for employee productivity. This safety can only be ensured by tracking your visitor. This is high time you should deploy cloud-based visitor management software at your office to provide the highest security but scalable, affordable and easy to maintain.



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  • January 13, 2023 at 1:31 am

    We need biometrics with face recognition for 60 employees in our organization. We are interested in your product.


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