Reach new heights with our experience

What is the key to maximized success from your biometric technology investment? The human aspect.

Reach New Heights with our Experience
Reach New Heights with our Experience

Support overview / sales or marketing support

Your success requires more than just good technology

Only M2SYS steps beyond the typical model for software sales and support. By working closely with our customers and partners to address real-world concerns, we put the human touch on knowledge transfer.

Software development companies agree -the successful rollout of a new technology component depends on much more than simply its purchase and integration. Technology such as fingerprint software and fingerprint scanners may have a greater learning curve for your customers; therefore, a coordinated effort between sales, marketing, support, and product development is needed to ensure that your investment is leveraged to its fullest capacity.

M2SYS understands this need and is committed to working closely and proactively with our integrator partners on a continual basis, helping to accelerate their ROI, from integration to order fulfillment. Unlike many other fingerprint SDK providers, we’re not in the business of trying to sell one-off software licenses to as many people as possible; we instead seek to form long-term, strategic partnerships with software companies that recognize the importance of our integration methodology and system architecture, and work diligently with them to ensure their success.

Collaborative marketing programs to ensure your success

Because it’s in our best interest that your fingerprint system is sold, we offer a variety of ongoing sales and marketing support programs to make sure it happens. It’s a level of service that is unprecedented in our market, and it’s an approach that leads to maximized value for you and your customers.

Some of the initiatives included in our proactive marketing support package include:

  • Virtual or on-site kickoff presentations for sales, marketing, and support teams
  • M2SYS issued joint press release announcing the partnership
  • Case studies/articles for optimized visibility and sales reinforcement
  • Targeted media campaign
  • Client testimonials
  • Premiere M2SYS web site placement
  • Supportive end user marketing and training collateral
  • Interactive flash product demos for sales and training

Are you a current customer who is interested in our sales and marketing support services?  Email us to learn how we can help you to make the most of your investment.

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