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Fingerprint Readers for any Need

Rugged, durable, ergonomic, affordable. The M2-S fingerprint scanner from M2SYS Technology is designed for use in high throughput settings and is built to last.

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The M2-S™ fingerprint reader

A wealth of experience across many real-world implementations has led us to extensively test and support multiple fingerprint scanning technologies, ensuring that you have the right options for success.

The M2-S™ fingerprint scanner was designed for use with M2SYS' Hybrid Biometric Platform™ and is also compatible with many standard fingerprint SDKs. Our most durable fingerprint scanner, the M2-S' ergonomic design forces perfect finger placement with each fingerprint scan to produce an optimized fingerprint image with maximum captured surface area.

This fingerprint reader was designed around the Digital Persona U.are.U 4500HD (high-durability) fingerprint sensor. Image capture, self-calibration, and image data encryption is controlled by its on-board electronics. The M2-S™ fingerprint reader provides virtually fool-proof fingerprint recognition. The "smart-touch" scanning area enables the fingerprint reader to reject latent and counterfeit fingerprint images.

The M2-S™ fingerprint reader has a rugged design and durable frame, providing sturdiness unmatched by other fingerprint scanners in the same price category. The bottom of this fingerprint reader has a mounting hole, allowing it to be easily secured to any surface.

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:: M2-FuseID™ Fingerprint / Finger Vein Reader
M2-FuseID™ is a hybrid fingerprint/finger vein reader
An alternative biometric recognition device to the M2-S™ reader, M2-FuseID™ is a next-generation, "smart" fingerprint reader with sophisticated liveness detection that simultaneously looks at and beneath the skin surface to protect against fake and spoofed fingerprints.

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