Radio Interview Addresses Importance of Fast, Accurate Patient Identification in Healthcare

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We were grateful for the opportunity to speak about the rising importance of establishing stricter, more secure, and accurate patient identification in healthcare in a recent interview with the ehealth radio network. Our president Michael Trader was interviewed and asked the following questions:

— Why is now an opportune time for healthcare organizations to investigate the adoption of more secure, accurate patient identification solutions?

— Can you please explain how your biometric patient identification solution works and what distinct advantages it offers over more traditional forms of patient identification?

— Why is it important for healthcare organizations to invest in a patient identification solution that can be expanded for ID at each and every patient touchpoint?

— How does the use of biometrics for patient identification help increase medical data integrity and why is this important in the context of EMPI, inter-operability initiatives, and health information exchanges?

— What impact has RightPatient made for the healthcare organizations that have deployed it for patient identification?

Curious to know our insight on the responses to these questions? Listen to the entire radio interview on the importance of accurate patient identification in healthcare and why the industry needs to evaluate the use of biometrics. We can’t stress enough the importance of adopting more secure, safe and accurate patient identification solutions for the healthcare industry in light of the precipitous rise in fraud and medical identity theft coupled with the increased urgency to adopt technologies that increase medical data integrity and maximize patient safety.

Many thanks to Eric Dye and the rest of the ehealth radio network team for the opportunity to help educate the healthcare industry on the value of adopting biometrics for accurate patient identification in healthcare!

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John Trader

John Trader is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager with M2SYS Technology, a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA M2SYS Technology's mission is to pioneer the high-tech industry by delivering long-term value to customers, employees and partners through continued innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business. M2SYS continues to innovate, build and bring to market leading-edge biometrics solutions that revolutionize the industry and expand the applicability of biometrics technology in our marketplace. You can view their Web site at or contact them via e-mail at

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