Iris Biometrics for Patient Identification Making an Impact in Ghana

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If you don’t know who Dr. Gabriella Nanci is, you may want to stop and take a moment to read about her mission to make healthcare more accessible for rural Ghanians through The Yonkofa ProjectEstablished in 2010, The Yonkofa Project was conceived to help bring sustainable healthcare to the remote areas of Ghana through two important elements:

1. Employment and permanent housing for healthcare providers, giving them the opportunity to serve in their own country and in their own villages.

2. A permanent clinic building with modern equipment which will provide patients with preventive medicine, vaccinations, and prenatal care; all things that are impossible with temporary clinics.

Dr. Nanci’s passion for improving the quality of life for rural Ghanians by building local clinics and staffing them with full time healthcare providers drove her to seek breakthrough but affordable technologies that would help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of her efforts. One key area that Dr. Nanci identified as critical to the success of her mission was deploying a modernized patient identification system to help establish permanent medical records and create a concrete and accurate history of medical care. She investigated several patient identification solutions on the market and settled on RightPatient™ – our iris biometrics for patient identification solution – to identify patients treated at her clinics.

Since the inception of her project, Dr. Nanci enrolls hundreds of patients per day, quickly building her database to thousands of records, with the ability to instantly pull up a medical record after a fast biometric iris scan. Plus, we provided Dr. Nanci with the ability to quickly scale up her deployment to continue enrolling patients without any delays in quick, accurate patient identification results.

As part of her efforts, Dr. Nanci and her team have recently released a video detailing their efforts, highlighting use of the RightPatient™ iris biometrics for patient identification solution. Here is a link to the video – – please take a moment to watch and learn more about Dr. Nanci’s efforts and the power of iris biometrics for patient identification.

We were pleased to see a video encapsulating The Yonkofa Project’s efforts and the strategy they are employing to circumvent some of the common problems associated with launching this kind of effort despite the inadequacies of third world infrastructure. We proudly support her mission and are happy to be a part of the solution!

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