Biometric Identification for Motorcycle Security

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The following is a guest post by Brisbane Motorcycles.

Fingerprint Ignition and Security Systems for Motorcycles

Motorcycle enthusiasts do not have as many security options for their bikes, and they must work very hard to protect their vehicles. A motorcycle sits in the open, and most bar locking systems are not very effective. You do not want to lose your massive investment to a thief who knows how to break your bar lock. You must make sure that you have researched new security items that will help you keep your motorcycle in your hands.

Fingerprint Biometric Identification

A fingerprint identification system is tied directly to your ignition. The ignition on your bike is easy for a thief to use when they need a simple key. Most thieves will be able to pick your ignition keyhole, and they will be able to get your handlebar to unlock easily.

When you have a fingerprint biometric identification system on your vehicle, you will have to have the right fingerprint to start the vehicle. The thief would have to do a great deal of homework to steal your bike, and it is unlikely that they have the fingerprint technology needed to fake your fingerprint.

The Installation

The installation of your fingerprint biometric identification system should be done by a professional mechanic. These mechanics know how to tie your fingerprint ignition system into your bike’s engine. The ignition can be wired directly to the fingerprint panel, and the mechanic can set your fingerprint scanner on the front console of your bike.

The installation requires the mechanic to make a special place on the bike for the fingerprint scanner, and you need to be sure that you are not doing this job alone. You may think that it will be easy to install this system on your own, but the wiring and setting of the scanner must be done by a motorcycle professional.


You cannot loan your bike to anyone as soon as you have your fingerprint  biometric identification scanner installed. The scanner prevents people from starting your bike because they do not have your fingerprint. Anyone whom you loan your bike to needs to be with you when you loan them the bike. You can put your finger on the scanner, and then you can hand your keys to them.

The Cost

The cost of one of these fingerprint identification systems varies widely. There are some systems that are relatively inexpensive, and there are other systems that are quite expensive. You need to choose a system that fits your budget, but you must remember that you make part of that cost back in reduced insurance premiums.

When you insure your motorcycle, the insurance provider will ask you if you have a security system for your bike. You will likely get a discount on your premiums, and you will be able to recover part of the cost of the system itself.

When you want to protect your motorcycle completely, you need to make sure that you have installed a new fingerprint scanning system. These systems makes your bike impossible to steal, and they help reduce your insurance rates.

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