Add biometric patient & visitor identification to your hospital safety checklist

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Hospital safety checklist is prioritized nowadays, but the question remains, is it enough? Are all measures taken to restrict intruders? Needless to say, hospitals require safety and security measures strongly. Despite having so many patients and so much medical data, security concerns are lower at any hospital, which makes it an easy target for possible data breach and or threat to the patients and staffs.

With so many people going in and out all the time it is quite impossible to properly check everyone all the time. In case of an emergency check the patient or the accompanying person cannot be questioned and for obvious reasons. During patient visiting hours, many people come in to visit. All these visitors are let pass without proper identification and registration. Also to properly security check every visitor, it will take a lot of time and people will take it as an extra harassment.  However, all these factors could pose a serious threat to the hospital and people associated with it. Many hospitals faced some serious issues regarding this.

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A hospital requires a system that they can ensure proper security check, not disrupting the visiting process, so that service takers remains happy. So, what could be the solution so that a hospital can keep track of their patient and visitors and still ensure a high level of customer satisfaction? And that is a proper visitor management system that fits especially a hospital’s needs.

Not all the visitor management system in the market can properly serve a hospital. A hospital, in particular, has a unique set of requirement that is so much necessary to strictly follow.

There is a lot of visitor management system in the market, but among all these VisitorTrack™ is the best fit for any hospital to ensure better security and serviceability.

So why is VisitorTrack™ better than any other in the software market? It just cannot be a blatant claim without any proof! So here why it is –

Any system when installed is done with a view to reducing cost and losses. The idea behind the mind is that this software will help the company with their service and operations. Taking into account this two information let us examine the visitor management systems in the market.



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All the visitor management systems in the market are made by various well-known software vendors and makers. The prices of these systems vary between high medium to a very high range. The logic behind the pricing must be the software being a B2B product. Also, in general, a visitor management system is comprised of a system, a printer that prints cards or special adhesive paper badges and of course, ink cartridges. Now we will take a look at the promise that software is making to us, “Remove paperwork, and use Jane Doe visitor management software”.

If you look closely the paper is not removed from your system. It has just been promoted to a badge or a printed ID card. Also, all those printing will cost you a lot of extra money along with the cost of maintenance of all these hardware and ink costs. Besides, what if twins steal identity or a look-alike people comes in and fakes identity, the system will not be able to detect it. No matter how many times a visitor came to the facility previously, he or she has to go through the same process again and again. This is an irritating experience for any visitor. Also, in a hospital, people are in a hurry to see their patients. So they will not like a long list of information every time they check in.

Now, if you take a look at the M2SYS VisitorTrack™ cloud visitor management solution, you will be able to see that, this solution is a cloud-based application, which makes it less costly at the start since you will not need any local server or hosting hardware support. Then it is totally paperless using a digital badge directly sent to the visitor’s mobile, which can be scanned to ensure the authenticity of the visit. Moreover, it is biometric authentication based visitor management system, which means, visitors will have to verify their identity using biometric verification such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan, finger vein recognition and or palm vein recognition. With M2-AutoTilt™ Iris scanner – iris recognition camera, the process will be contactless and hygiene what should be inside a hospital.

VisitorTrack™ is so great to have because you do not have to fill in every info of your visitor each time they come in. You will just have to do it once and from the next time they visit, they will just have to scan their biometric to authenticate the visit. You will be able to directly assign the visiting hour and visiting patient. You will also be able to take pictures of the visitor or visitor’s NID, passport, or any other valuable document and store in the visitor’s profile for future references. This makes life a lot easier and secure at any hospital.

This super time saving and fantastic VisitorTrack™ from M2SYS will not only save time and money of your hospital but also help save lives.

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