Biometric System for Hospital Safety & Security

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By the year 2025, the estimated value of the global biometric system security for healthcare market will reach $14.5 billion. (Source: Grand View Research). The above market value shows a CAGR of 24.2% for the forecasted period of 2018 – 2025. One of the major factors playing a vital role in this rapid rise in the healthcare industry is Biometric System Security.

The application of biometric technologies for positive patient identification and visitor management system is essential for hospital safety and security. Hospitals across the world are concerned about two major things: fighting fraud and digital security, which is why they are embracing biometric system security.

A biometric system requires three components to work: a) a biometric scanner, b) biometric matching engine and c) a biometric software. Many tech companies in the market provide biometric scanners, but often they do not have the biometric software. So if you have developed a software which requires nimble software engineering, careful planning and a lot of time, it might not work with the device. On the other hand, companies sell their biometric software but do not have the hardware. But guess what, a major player in the biometric industry- M2SYS Technology has it all. Right now 2 of the most trending software for Hospital Safety and Security are developed at M2SYS Technology. They are briefly described below:

RightPatient – Stop Patient Misidentification

The recent Equifax data breach has shown the world for the need of a better solution in minimizing identity theft. More than 140 million Americans identity is at risk due to the breach. Breaches like these have also affected the healthcare industry. But the good news is hospitals can now minimize the risk with the help of RightPatient.

RightPatient is a positive patient identification biometric software which accurately identifies a patient by merely capturing his/her photo. The biometric system security is essential to prevent patient identification and medical record mix-ups. Everyday 1000 of patients die due to medical record mix-ups and hospitals take a loss of millions of dollars annually from patient fraud and denied claims. These all can be preventable with the help of RightPatient, for a small monthly fee.

Benefits of RightPatient:

  • Eliminate identity fraud at the provider location
  • Decrease patient risk
  • Overcome issues associated with cultural naming conventions
  • Streamline registration process
  • Enhance patient privacy
  • Improve patient experience
  • Lightening fast identification speed
  • Seamlessly interfaces with any Hospital EHR software
  • Face recognition augments identification for senseless patients
  • Displays digital photo of the patient after identification
  • True 1: N matching system to prevent duplicate medical records
  • Host biometric server locally or in the cloud
  • Web-based analytics solution provides real-time system intelligence
  • Built-in support for COWs and WOWs
  • Authenticate patients from a mobile device such as i-Touch

VisitorTrack™ – Biometric Based Hospital Visitor Identification

Every day thousands of visitors, vendors, contractors, doctors, patients, employees come and go in a hospital facility. The safety of the facility will be at risk without a proper visitor management solution. With 17 years of experience in the biometric industry and deployment over 100+ countries, M2SYS innovated a software which can not only identifies a visitor but can keep a problematic individual at bay. Introducing VisitorTrack™ – a cloud-based visitor management biometric system security which is fast, affordable, practical, very easy to use, & provides utmost protection with the help of the state of the art technology. The solution integrates with any EHR system easily and seamlessly.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises.

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The main reasons so many hospitals in the USA adopting VisitorTrack™ are:

  • Cloud-based biometric solution
  • Easy to integrate
  • Eliminate maintenance & expense of ID cards, printers & kiosks
  • Sends digital badge to visitors that can be scanned to verify their identity
  • The mobile app captures and automatically uploads documents like a driver’s license or passport
  • Biometrics simplifies and secures check-in process
  • Add unauthorized or problematic visitors to a watchlist
  • Easily search historical visits and associated notes
  • Pre-register visitors to speed the check-in process

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