Why Facility Inspections for Safety Hazards Is Important?

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Conducting regular inspections for safety hazards is vital for all businesses, regardless of their size or operational nature. These internal audits aim to identify safety hazards, stay compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and ensure that corrective actions are taken appropriately.

The extent of your facility inspection for safety hazards will depend on your business’s size and nature. For instance, if your production plant has large outdoor areas, you’ll need to conduct exterior inspections. Develop checklists for each inspection that must be carried out and involve workers in creating the lists to ensure everyone is aware of the safety procedures and all aspects are covered.

Once the final checklist is ready, It is essential to make sure everyone participates in the inspection process and collaborates. This will make employees feel valued and involved. Promoting health and safety as an essential value of your company and empowering every employee to uphold these standards shows respect for their wellbeing. They’ll start to feel like they are part of a team and be inclined to work harder.

Need more reasons to justify conducting facility inspections for safety hazards? Here are a few more:

You’ll Be a Step Closer to ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14000 is a family of standards made by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that focuses on environmental management. These standards help organizations reduce their environmental impact, ensure compliance with environmental-centric rules and regulations, and enhance environmental management standards.

ISO 14001 outlines the benchmark for an environmental management system. Instead of providing a list of requirements, it helps organizations, and the management team set up management systems. If an organization ensures ISO 14001 compliance, it highlights that the organization is conducting environmental friendly operations.


Transparency and Green Marketing Will Gain Shareholder Trust

Protecting the environment by preventing pollution and continually improving the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we inhabit is enough motivation for implementing ISO 14001. It is also very beneficial for your business. Being ISO 14001 certified improves an organization’s image and credibility in the eyes of external and internal stakeholders.

In today’s highly competitive economy, sharing the results of inspections, plans for managing the environmental impact, and demonstrating those plans in action will help an organization stand out from others. Making efforts to minimize the negative effect on the environment will also help your organization with green marketing (developing and advertising products based on environmental sustainability), which is attractive to stakeholders and clientele.

You’ll Save Money

The changes you make to avoid any issues from occurring will save you significant money in the long run. For instance, when an facility inspection gives you reports on a machines’ performance degradation, you can repair it before a major malfunction or accident occurs. Safety checks can help you identify issues that can be inexpensive to fix and allow you to avoid costly repairs and other incidents.

You’ll Optimize Efficiency

A common benefit received from implementing safer processes is an increase in inefficiency. With less downtime, there will be an upturn in productivity and a reduction in the costs related to processes, and eventually, an increase in profits.

Another vital benefit of safety standards is optimization. Leading to lower energy use and, therefore, a reduced carbon footprint. That can be leveraged further through marketing communication, ensuring a positive reputation among customers, as green campaigns are vital within the current market. When business processes align with eco-friendly practices, the sustainability of the business will increase.

You’ll be Prepared for External Audits

If your company has recently undergone a thorough internal audit, you will be prepared for any spot external examinations from OSHA or any other agencies. Failure to comply with authorities’ requirements can result in costly fines. Therefore it is highly recommended that you ensure that all health and safety measures are up-to-date and follow all applicable regulations.

Knowing that you are prepared will give you peace of mind. Your business will be ready for an external audit, and your proactive approach will help create a positive corporate culture resulting in happier and more productive employees.


Final Thoughts

Ensuring clients, customers, and employees are safe from potential safety hazards should be the primary concern of every facility manager and executive. Conducting internal facility inspections and then following up on the auditors’ recommendations is an ideal way to ensure the health and safety of all. Showing that you care about your workforce and clientele has the added benefits of improving your reputation and strengthening workers’ loyalty to your company.

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