Tracking Work From Home Employee Productivity

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In the middle of the pandemic when the number of remote workers is increasing to unprecedented levels, digital software to monitor remote employees in real time is also gaining huge demand amongst companies who want to track overall employee productivity from remote locations. This is the new way of work life where employees can work from home and at the same time employers can know how they are working without asking them any question. The popular trend raises concerns about employee privacy and about the level of monitoring for companies to keep tabs on their workers.

Around 88% of organizations worldwide are now either encouraging or need their employees to work from home, and organizations are also getting significant benefits from the arrangements. Employees are free from taking daily stressful commutes, and have more time to work, resulting in productivity improvements across 77% of the workforce.

As the spread of Covid-19 has forced employees out of the office and to work from home, the installation of tracking software on devices of remote employees have dramatically accelerated.

Organizations quickly moved to the direction of passively monitoring their employees, started watching them in real time to get assurance of quality work, and micromanaged them less and less. The number of employees asking to work from home was actually rising, what the pandemic has done is just accelerate the speed at which that is happening. So finding a long term solution to monitor remote employees was a necessity for companies.



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- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Tracking Software: How to track employee productivity

Tracking software such as CloudDesk include real-time activity tracking, can take screenshots of workers’ computers at regular intervals and keeps record of it in the dashboard. Companies that are focused on transparency and productivity can easily achieve it from monitoring employees through software.

The use of employee monitoring to improve efficiency in remote employees is not new, with conflicts over what should be prioritized: the rights of employers to scrutinize what their workforce is doing on their computer device or an employee’s right to privacy and autonomy.

Once CloudDesk is installed on an employee’s computer, these software silently run in the background and record activity at a granular level which includes track of web and app usage and record the screens of users at random intervals.

Productivity tracking is the core reason for companies using monitoring software. But the software is also used for track time, monitor insider threat detection and monitor overall employee work behavior. But measuring productivity is a key priority.

With CloudDesk it is possible to conduct granular tracking of employee work activity after an employee clock in to start working. Common features include:

  • Activity monitoring of websites and applications
  • Analytics dashboards that provide an overview of total working hours, idles time, where time has been spent and whether it is productive or unproductive
  • Regular screenshots
  • Face Id Verification to confirm the right employee is working

The best part of using CloudDesk is it also allows employees to see the dashboard to understand a lot about their own task which helps them to improve their performance. When employees can see the dashboard they can see how many screenshots were taken, what was being monitored, they understand that their company only wants to know about their work activity which increases mutual trust between them and helps the company to grow bigger with a team of loyal employees.

Whatever software you select to monitor your employee, you must remember the software should be used to support workers, not control them via intrusive monitoring which violates employee privacy and causes burnout. As long as business owners follow this and monitor employees in the right way, it will only bring success for the company.

CloudDesk is an advanced cloud based employee monitoring software for tracking work from home employee productivity and time tracking solutions for businesses that want to manage a remote workforce without compromising on employee productivity. To know more about CloudDesk, you can try the Free Trial option to know more about the software.


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One thought on “Tracking Work From Home Employee Productivity

  • August 5, 2021 at 4:39 am

    Good post. We are very happy to see that companies worldwide are increasing their investment in remote work as a result of the benefits for both employer and employee. We understand how important it is for employers to monitor their employees’ productivity.


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