How to Monitor Employees Working from Home

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Working from home has become the norm but companies are finding it difficult to track employee productivity when they are working remotely. For many employers, working from home has created anxiety over productivity and employee supervision. As they have no way to ensure that remote employees are working productively from home by spending the required time to complete the task. Due to the current pandemic, almost everyone is working from home, which has completely changed work processes.

As a manager, you are likely worried about whether your employees are genuinely working or wasting time and concerned about how to resolve the issue. The good news is that you have come to the right place for solutions to these common challenges. This article covers ways in which you can monitor your employees while they are working from home to check how they are performing and how dedicated they are towards their tasks.

Why Is Monitoring Employees Important?

It is very important for the managers to get updates about work projects, but when all his team members are working from different locations it is an impossible task to check on each individual’s progress.  This is when monitoring software comes to the rescue. Let’s learn about the importance of monitoring:

  • Gives updates of the work going-on in real time
  • Controls unnecessary time wastage by employees
  • Offers better transparency
  • Enhances mutual trust between employee and employer
  • Identifies and eliminates errors and mistakes in work
  • Boosts productivity and overall performance

How Do Companies Monitor Employees Working from Home?

As discussed above, monitoring the work activities of your remote employees may be difficult. Demand has surged for software that can monitor employees while they are working remotely, with programs for tracking time, measuring productivity, snapping pictures from computer cameras and taking random screenshots to ensure employees are working. With the advances in technology, you can make this process hassle-free.

With the help of CloudDesk employee monitoring tool, you can remotely monitor all the activities of employees working from home. This is one of the top-rated software applications to monitor work activities of remote employees. CloudDesk offers a hassle-free monitoring process for small to large businesses. It helps to solve and automate most of the tracking and management processes.



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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The software tracks time spent on apps and websites, generates daily reports to measure productivity, tracks time spent on tasks and project management, keeps a record of overall working hours, daily attendance, random screenshots and more. Overall, this information gives the manager a clear view on how employees are working. With a unique feature like Face ID verification that captures pictures of the employees at random intervals you will never have to worry about whether the right employee is logged on or not. Once installed the software silently records all the activities on the computer during work hours.

Managers can check employee activities from their mobile devices and know what they are doing. The software generates daily/ weekly/monthly reports which shows how long any employee worked, including their idle hours and productivity metrics. With CloudDesk on your side, you will never have to worry about employee performance, you just have to check the report and work with the employee to make adjustments to their work if needed.

CloudDesk is the perfect fit for large businesses, BPO, call centers, financial institutes, banks, startups, educational institutions, and any kind of small organization. With the free trial, you can give it a try to learn more about how the software works.

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