Top 5 Must-Have Features of Remote Workforce Management Software

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Are you thinking of investing in remote workforce management software and wondering which one will be the best for you? With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring more people to be working remotely, remote workforce management software is becoming essential software for all companies. This software can help you manage your remote workforce efficiently. There are many remote employee monitoring tools in the market, but your investment may be in vain if you invest in the wrong software. To help you in this matter, here are the top 5 must-have features  to consider before purchasing this software:


Remote Check-in and Check -Out

Working remotely doesn’t mean employees won’t have a check-in and check-out time. Check-in and check-out time tell you an employee’s actual presence at their remote work space.  

Remote Workforce Management Software Checks Employees’ Engagement

A remote work environment is not the same as an office, as there are usually only work-related distractions in an office, but in a remote environment, there may be distractions that your employees have to deal with. If your employees are not used to this new form of work culture, there is a chance they might misuse or waste their work time, and may be unproductive throughout the day. 

This is why you should ensure your remote workforce management software can check employee engagement. Ensure the software can provide data about an employee’s actual engagement throughout the working day, if they are sitting at their desk and still working for you or just wasting their time on social media or another distraction. 



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Random Screenshot

This is another must-have feature for your remote employee monitoring software. Random screenshots will tell you what your employees are working on at any given time. This feature provides random screenshots of your employees’ computers so that you can see their work. As it is random, you can see if they are wasting their valuable work hours or are working on agreed tasks.

Productive Time Tracker

Productive time is important in the remote work culture, as potentially an employee could waste their work hours. It tracks employee’s time when they log-on to their computer, it tracks employee’s mouse movement, and keystrokes that signal employees are working. 

This time tracker will let you know an employee’s actual productive hours throughout the day and your employees can track their progress as well. It helps employees to stay focused and productive. When considering buying a remote workforce management software for your organization, check if it has a productive time tracker.

Robust Insights

Insight help you to understand the whole picture in detail – you can see who is working, the total productive hours of each employee, the summary of the non-productive employees, and so on. The report helps you to make important decisions when managing a remote workforce. 

For example, if you found most of the remote employees are unproductive then you can call a meeting and talk to them about that. Insights show you the overall performance of the remote workforce, each employee’s contribution, and dedication to the company. Ensure that any software you buy has a robust insight feature. 

Software that has all the Features

CloudDesk, a remote workforce management software is the best remote team monitoring software in the market. It has all the aforementioned features and creates trust, which is a must in a remote working culture. The key features of CloudDesk are:

  1. It has a remote check-in and check-out feature along with the face-id verification system. This means you will be assured of your employees’ attendance throughout the working day.
  2. It sends periodic pop-ups to the remote employees to check their engagement throughout the working day.
  3. Using this amazing software, you can receive random screenshots of the remote employees’ computers. This way you should understand their true contribution.
  4. It tracks productive hours of your remote employees throughout the day.
  5. It generates robust insights that you can use to evaluate your remote team performance.
  6. If you are a Kronos or ADP user, it adds an extra benefit for you. CloudDesk syncs attendance data with Kronos and ADP through its seamless integration system. 


If you are still not sure about remote workforce management software, you can try a free trial. CloudDesk, a robust remote employee monitoring software, offers a 14-day Free Trial for you. Which means you will only pay when you are fully satisfied. So, if you want to try it for free, then hit the Contact Us button now and let us know your queries.

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