The Next 7 Things You Should Do For Successful Remote Employee Management

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Remote work is here to stay and it’s growing. Upwork’s Future Workforce report claims that 73% of all teams will see remote workers in the next decade. With the rise of partial or fully distributed remote teams, it’s best that you follow these seven basic rules of remote employee management from now on for a positive future in your business.

Use remote employee monitoring software

As an employer, you need to know if your remote employees are attentive and putting in effort during work hours. You can’t meet them in person to check, but you can try CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software as an alternative. This software works with leaders to show whether their employees are doing their job or not. It lets you detect pro-active and self-proven workers. It helps to build trust from both sides, so any business that is looking for ways of monitoring employee performance needs to try this app.


Don’t forget about your remote employees

Make sure to include your remote employees in the official conversations. You may think it’s unnecessary or just forget to reach out to them, but leaving them out is an unintentional penalty. Keeping employees involved in the meetings helps to reduce coordination time and prevent miscommunication. To make your work easier, you can assign someone in the team to ensure that everyone is joining the meeting on time.

Make sure communication is a part of the job

Communication is a huge part of the job for both the employer and employees. In the absence of face-to-face communication, you have to build up tools for video and written communications. Work on building the perfect setup for daily communication and give your team feedback on their communication skills. You should also provide a defined rule of communication to the team for any further reference.



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Build a remote team culture

Building a remote team culture is hard—probably the hardest of all golden rules for managing remote teams. You need to put in some extra effort to keep your team in collaboration for more than just work. These efforts might seem irrelevant to work, but in the end, they will help to build a strong bond and good understanding among the workers. For instance, invite your team to virtual coffee breaks, make them socialize in the virtual meetings, and ask them to share personal stories. Little steps like these bring positive vibes inside the team and make remote employee management easier.

Master the team meetings rules

Meetings play a crucial role in remote team management by offering the only option to see the people you work with. Put in extra time and effort to make sure the team meetings go smoothly and effectively. Make sure each employee will contribute to the subject before starting the meeting.

  1. Loosen up the environment by chitchatting for 5 minutes before going into serious talks at each meeting.
  2. Set the basics for team meetings—make sure everyone’s showing their faces and muting their microphone while not talking.
  3. Always send a document of what has been discussed in the meeting to keep the employees who couldn’t join informed. 

Provide chances for growth and development

Employees have the right to seek growth opportunities and develop skills, both within the company and outside it. 23 percent of remote workers fear that this type of job can hamper their career progress, which is sad. Make sure your organization doesn’t fall in that category.  

Deploy an employee engagement app

As an employer, you need to ensure that the employees are staying in good shape while working at home for hours. This is necessary as poor health can prevent employees from performing at their best level. They can also feel lonely and isolated when staying home all day long by themselves. To help them in these matters, use the CircleCare employee engagement app. This app encourages employees and helps them achieve health goals.  You can establish remote employee management and keep them engaged to work with this app. It’s a great tool to increase productivity, so organizations should deploy this app for the betterment of their employees and businesses.


The work environment is changing, and so are the employees. Remote work is getting easier than ever, even in this time of crisis, thanks to the internet and reachable devices. Remote work gives the benefit of flexible time and digital connectivity while bringing disadvantages like lack of face time and usual productivity monitoring. So, if you want to overlap these barriers and ensure an effective and cooperative remote team, use CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. The 14-day free trial will give you a quick view of the platform, so give it a look. For any further inquiries or discussion, Contact Us at any time.

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