Remote Worker Monitoring: How To Track Employees Working From Home

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Do you want to track employees working from home to know how productive they are?  If so, then you’re in the right place!

Productivity is critical to a company’s success. Regardless of your business type or service, if your employees are not productive and efficient in their roles, your business may suffer negative consequences. As a result, companies must keep track of the productivity of their teams. Monitoring remote employees the right way provides you with the information you need to ensure the success of your remote workforce.

Why Track Employees Working From Home?

You can use employee monitoring software to get visibility into remote employees’ work to understand their efficiency and identify unproductive employees who are wasting a lot of time on the internet for personal reasons. Remote employee monitoring software comes with various features such as time tracking, attendance tracking, screenshot monitoring, productivity tracking, and generates reports. In this way, you won’t have to deal with any guessing game to know their work activity. Instead, the software lets you track employees working from home electronically with transparency.

Do you want to learn more about tracking employees working from home?
This post will walk you through tips that can help you track the performance of your remote staff and boost their productivity.

Let’s get started!

  1. Set clear goals and deadlines for remote workers: Your remote team should be aware of when and how they should complete their work. By setting clear goals, your remote workforce will be able to manage their time more efficiently.
    Many managers fail to set clear deadlines for specific tasks. This mistake can cause a lot of uncertainty and inconvenience for both the managers and their remote workers. Team leaders expect the work to be submitted on time, but remote workers are unable to do so because they weren’t able to plan their time from the start.Therefore, your remote workers must know when they should be submitting the work, especially if the project is time-sensitive. Businesses can use remote work management software to post projects, share details, and assign work remotely to employees. Companies can also use instant communication platforms to stay in touch through the workflow and receive frequent updates on their progress with this app.

    In this way, you can always understand the work progress, track it, and help your team finish projects before deadlines.

  2. Regularly provide feedback to your employees: Rather than waiting for the end of the week or month, provide regular feedback to your employees so they can understand your expectation better. Your employees will be able to improve their work and improve their efficiency.
    A regular feedback culture is crucial to allow employees to perform productively. Your valuable feedback will allow employees to see where they are falling short and what they need to do to improve their performance. Therefore, team leaders or supervisors should provide constructive feedback to remote employees to help them identify bottlenecks and resolve any conflicts. Also, make sure you know who your most efficient employees are, and reward them as per their performance.
  3. Track employee attendance and working hours with employee monitoring software: You can use employee monitoring software to track attendance or overtime for your remote employees. This also ensures your employees can’t simply skip work without notifying you, as they know you are always tracking their work using the software.
    Managing remote workers’ attendance can be a challenging task for HR teams. Collecting attendance or working hours data can often be difficult to handle, especially if you have a large team of remote workers or hybrid workers.Fortunately, monitoring software keeps track of overall employees’ working hours and attendance, making it easier for the HR department to keep error-free records without the hassle. Even if you have a small team, employee monitoring software is equally essential for your team to track employees working from home to increase their productivity and efficiency.

    When searching for monitoring software with time tracking features, businesses should look for certain features to ensure effortless tracking of working hours. Firstly, log-in and log-out systems should be secure and easy for employees. The software should be able to track idle time, break time, meeting times, and provide accurate reports of total active working hours. By tracking working hours, you can easily identify employees who work hard and put in the extra effort. You can then recognize those employees who put in extra work for payment and appraisals. Most crucially, you can track how much time an employee requires to accomplish a task, which can subsequently help you provide feedback on that particular employee.

  4. Track web and app usage using employee monitoring software: There are times when businesses need to know how much time their remote employees are spending on certain websites or applications. Instead of directly asking your employees, you can use the employee monitoring software to track employee internet activities in a detailed manner.
    Specialist employee monitoring software solutions, such as CloudDesk, can provide detailed reporting on your employees’ time spent on apps, websites, and documents. You can also identify idle time for optimum transparency. The software gives your employees the freedom to take breaks to complete personal matters without tracking employee activity during their breaks, ensuring your employees’ privacy.By tracking how much time your employees spend on certain activities, you can determine whether or not – and why – they are able to finish tasks within deadlines. What’s more, since employees know their supervisors are monitoring their internet activities, they’ll be more inclined to work productively rather than spending time on personal affairs during work time.

    In short, with the proper use of employee monitoring software, you won’t have to worry about their productivity.

How To Track Employees Working From Home Using CloudDesk?

CloudDesk is an employee monitoring software that can track employees working from home, helping you improve individual and team performance. The software keeps track of time and provides detailed reports for the management team, supervisors, and other admin personnel. The software runs in the background and tracks your remote or hybrid team’s time on a specific website, application, or tool during work hours. You will also receive an auto-generated report detailing how productive your employees were during the day. It can also be integrated with other applications as per your business requirements. The software has a user-friendly interface, and within the dashboard, all activity is displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

With CloudDesk, you can track employees working from home to improve their efficiency and enhance their productivity levels. The software comes with essential features that help you to better manage your team while also building mutual trust.

To learn more about how CloudDesk’s monitoring software works, you can also schedule a demo.

CloudDesk offers a 14-day trial that can be canceled or upgraded at any time, making it an excellent option to consider for your own business.


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