Hitachi VeinID Five For Passwordless Windows PC/Laptop Login

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Contactless technology has become more important during the global Covid-19 pandemic to reduce the spread of the virus. Indeed, there has never before been a time when touchless biometric technology was as essential as it is now with the virus sweeping the world.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed the way we live, which has also affected countless industries and all sorts of business sectors worldwide. With this in mind, touchless biometric identification has emerged as a reliable technology to provide greater hygiene and security over traditional personal authentication systems. Thinking way beyond fingerprint, Hitachi has developed and patented their Finger Vein identification and authentication SDK to enable secure, touchless, and passwordless user identification solutions, reducing the risk of impersonation or fraud. 

At present, fingerprint devices are touch-based authentication, where the users are required to touch or hold the device for authentication. The problem associated with touch-based authentication is that countless users may use the same device in a set period for authentication, making the process potentially unhygienic. Secondly, any 3rd party can copy handprint marks, which could be use for illegitimate use. Hence, today, pioneering organizations are looking for easy, safe, secure, and, most importantly, passwordless biometrics to identify people more conveniently and hygienically.

Finger vein biometrics could easily become a leading contactless and passwordless authentication technology for security and convenience. Since the finger vein patterns are inside the human body and no two people have the exact finger vein pattern, faking a finger vein biometric authentication would require creating a replica, which is impossible.

To address the societal need for superior authentication technologies, Hitachi developed a Biometric SDK for Windows Front Camera, a software development kit that enables touchless finger vein authentication functionality to be loaded onto a computer. The VeinID Five technology scans a user’s finger vein patterns through the device camera without the need for any other specialist equipment.

Any standard laptop or desktop camera with 720p or better could capture images for finger vein authentication. As such, the technology helps eliminate the potentially expensive wasted time associated with logging into the Windows system and remembering or resetting passwords. Users have to register their finger vein pattern to use touchless technology. Once registered, users show their hands to the camera and log in when their finger vein is scanned. 

Why is Hitachi using finger veins for biometric identification? While Hitachi has traditionally been a leader in the finger vein recognition space, their VeinID Five for Windows Pc/Laptop log-in system succeeds. Other traditional biometric systems have failed. It holds all of the strengths of 2-factor authentication without carrying the weaknesses. As the finger vein patterns function internally, it is tough to replicate the patterns, providing added layers of security compared to traditional fingerprint authentication.


How does Hitachi VeinID Five biometric technology work?

Finger vein biometrics is also called vascular technology for touchless biometric authentication and analyzes the patterns of blood vessels within the fingers. The Hitachi VeinID Five SDK conducts high-accuracy biometric matching of the finger vein patterns against the database of registered images. The authentication process is fast; once verified, it takes less than 5 seconds and allows the user access to the system.

Hitachi VeinID Five provides users with a hassle-free touchless Windows PC/laptop log-in experience by eliminating the need to type or recall passwords, all the while without compromising security. In addition, the Hitachi VeinID Five system offers numerous additional benefits, including:

  • Passwordless log-in and authentication for Windows PC/laptops and a wide range of online applications
  • Easy and simple enrollment processes for PCs and laptops
  • No cards and passwords are often easy to forget or misplace, which minimizes the risk of password spoofing, sharing, and phishing attacks. It also eliminates manual log-in thanks to secure biometric authentication
  • It eliminates the chances of accidental approval, as it requires the user to wave their fingers exactly into the finger borderline.
  • Finger vein pattern properties are reliable and stable, and the pattern remains relatively consistent throughout the person’s life. As such, users can use the vein biometric for many years as a secure form of authentication thanks to the Hitachi Finger VeinID Five technology.
  • Unlike traditional fingerprint or facial recognition systems, finger vein patterns are extremely hard to replicate, making the biometric a highly secure solution.
  • The Hitachi finger VeinID system is much harder to trick because it will only authenticate the finger of a living person.
  • The VeinID Five biometric authentication requires no special hardware or knowledge to use. Any PC or Laptop with a basic 720p camera is sufficient to read a user’s vein patterns.
  • It enables a single sign-on process (SSO) for businesses looking to carry out cost-effective identity management while also reducing log-in inefficiencies, giving users easy access to applications without compromising security.
  • It combats identity theft with passwordless log-in and provides users with faster access than traditional methods.

By equipping computers with the Hitachi VeinID Five authentication functionality, users can securely access company work systems, bank transaction systems, computer and network authentication, endpoint security, and many other applications without using an ID card or a password. Hitachi VeinID Five is the safest, most reliable, and most non-invasive biometric solution, providing highly accurate user authentication for secure areas or to access confidential data.

As such, the Hitachi VeinID Five technology may help to flatten the curve of Coronavirus spread by preventing further infections and encouraging business continuity with improved security. If you would like to find out more about the opportunities, contact our team today, and we can consider together how the Hitachi Finger VeinID system could be adapted for your industry and what kind of value it might add to your project. Feel free to consult us if you have any further questions.

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