Gun incident led to adoption of visitor management system in Marion City Schools Ohio

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Three to four months back, a loaded gun was found by a teacher in the backpack of a student of Marion City Schools in Ohio while he was on campus. This incident caused a fear among the parents and residence of the school district. After this incident, parents expressed and shared their thoughts on the school’s online forum and demanded a proper security system for the campus. Officials were quick to react and replied in coherence that, they are going to adopt a renowned visitor management system to enhance security. Marion City Schools said on their official website that they planned to test the project in early January and make it fully effective by January 22nd.

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The visitor management system Marion City Schools will adopt will  add an extra layer of security, adding to their systems already in place. When visitors enter the building, they will be required to scan an official ID such as state ID or a driver’s license which will be taken and stored by the school. After the entry, a badge will be printed out for the visitor stating his purpose of visit, issued date, and a picture. Also the school is establishing a one-call system that will enable them to provide information to the parents in case of any emergencies. The security protocols will include visitors, contractors, and volunteers. It will not be applicable for people making delivery or collections at the front desk.

Marion City School is now trying to ensure the highest level of security on their premises at the demand of the residents of the district. However, this security process would be much easier and stronger with the help of a biometric solution such as VisitorTrack™. It is a cloud based, hybrid biometric platform, visitor management solution. Faking identity is so easy now a days and it can be very threatening for a visitor management system that does not use a biometric platform to prevent fraud. The problem with not using biometrics is it makes it too possible to fake a person’s identity. A biometric solution could even easily register temporary guests such as delivery drivers and other potential front desk guests.

Printing badges each and every time a visitor comes in is inefficient and costly. Once registered with all the data including any of  biometric data such as iris scan, fingerprint, finger vein scan, voice, face recognition or palm vein scan, the personnel will not have to go through any extensive process. One scan of their biometric data will preview all the information of that registered personnel on any premise. Also a necessary documents do not need any scanning rather a picture will be taken and stored in the VisitorTrack™ in that personnel’s profile.

VisitorTrack™ also removes paperwork completely by issuing a digital badge straight to the cellphone of the visitor that can be scanned by security personnel at each building. This unique system allows schools to quickly and efficiently keep track of visitors in the schools to ensure safety.

Source: Marion City Schools

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