Ensure Patient Safety in Hospitals with Biometric Visitor Management System

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Patient safety in hospitals is improving, a report says that over the last several years 2.1 million fewer patients affected, 87,000 fewer patient deaths, and around $19.8 billion in cost savings due to hospitals efforts to patient safety.

Still, proper patient safety is long away from the satisfaction level. A stat says that around 440,000 people die every year from preventable errors in hospitals.

Generally, we define patient safety like how hospitals and healthcare organizations ensure the safety of their patients from accidents, injuries, infections, and errors. Based on those data, some hospitals are sincere to keep their patients safe, when some hospitals lag behind.

Everybody should consider medical safety the number one priority at every hospital. Medical errors can causes serious harms to the patients in a different way.

Visitor Management System

One of the main concerns for hospitals is figuring out a way to track the large volume of patients and visitors who are passing through every day. Hundreds to thousands of people visit the hospital per day for a variety of different purposes. Leaving this issue of unchecked visitors is becoming a serious threat to patient safety.

Hospitals currently keep a log of all people crossing the gate by paper sheets, ID cards or other traditional methods to ensure the security. But, sometimes it becomes highly difficult for them to track all these people in a manual way. Additionally, it is a hectic job to find a targeted person’s data from a large paper database.

Any person with ill intent can forge the manual system and enter the hospital premises easily. They can even leave the hospital without any traces after completing the crime. This is a major threat to the patient safety of hospitals.

Fortunately, now hospitals can overcome this problem with the advent of biometric technology. Biometric revolution helps many industries including medical sector.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises.

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Biometric visitor management solution can help hospitals to keep an exact log of visitors with biometric traits that is impossible to forge. It is modern and latest technology that handles the visitor management issues perfectly.


A proper visitor management software like VisitorTrack™ can help to ensure the patient safety in hospitals. It allows you to replace paper logs, visitor sign-in sheets and ID cards with biometric-based visitor management system.

VisitorTrack™ is a modern, affordable and cloud-based biometric visitor management solution that supports almost all major biometric modalities including fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris recognition.

Even, it allows visitors to use their smartphone app to scan and automatically upload documents like a driver’s license, passport, etc. It will also provide a digital badge to visitors that can be instantly scanned to confirm the identity.

The key benefits of VisitorTrack are:

  •         Easy to implement
  •         Cloud-based biometric solution
  •         Eliminate ID cards, printers & kiosks
  •         provides digital badge to visitors that can be scanned to verify their identity
  •         Mobile app captures and automatically uploads documents
  •         Simple and secure check-in process
  •         Create a watchlist for unwanted people
  •         Allows searching historical visits and associated notes
  •         Fast check-in process for pre-register visitors

Patient safety should be the number one priority for all hospitals as the most vulnerable people come to this place. A perfect biometric-based visitor management software like VisitorTrack can solve your most of the problems around this issue.

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