Nissan Concept Car Features Fingerprint Identification

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The 2018 North American Auto Show in Detroit started with the launching ceremony of the Nissan XMotion. This SUV has three-row seating arrangements and a unique design that could forever change the way Nissan makes cars. The XMotion also uses biometric technology such as fingerprint identification to enhance the security features of the car.

The XMotion has a total of six seats. The design concept of the car follows the traditional Japanese design. This smart car has a total of 7 display panels inside which can be operated by gestures and eye movements. The car has a “floating commander” that reads passenger movement and takes command of the entertainment panels, heating, air condition, and ventilation.

It does not have any keypad on the door or ignition, instead, the car uses a fingerprint scanner to unlock the doors and start the car. Once the car starts virtual assistance comes forwards which shapes into a Japanese Koi fish. The fish will be on the main panel when the car is in “autonomous drive mode” and analyze point of interests of the driver. According to Nissan, the virtual Koi will work as a liaison between the car and the driver.



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Biometric technology is becoming increasingly popular among connected cars. According to the Goode Intelligence report, over the next six years starting in 2018, the value of the biometric market for connected cars will approximately be $969 million.

Voice commands and voice recognition have long been used in many German cars, now to strengthen security, biometric measures are being deployed. This way companies are trying to create a user experience that truly connects a person with these technologically advanced cars.

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