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What is the best visitor management system? – has been a crucial point of argue for some time now. Consumers are confused what to adopt and how should they choose between a visitor management system.

Managing visitors in any organization premises has become a major challenge for some time now. To reduce massive paper logs and create a unique user and visitor experience, many companies came up with different visitor management systems. Some focused on usability whether some focused on creating a different experience both for the visitor and user.

Many companies having visitor management system have been serving their customers for some time, and they are doing a great job. But how many visitor management system has been analyzed in the market to bring out the best one from all the alternative choices. Among some criteria such as in terms of biometric security, affordability, maintenance cost, Sign in repetition, real-time picture documentation, and cloud hosting, the best visitor management tool would be M2SYS Technology VisitorTrack™.

Let’s take a look how VisitorTrack™ could be the best alternative to any other visitor management system in the market.

Biometric Security

Visitor management systems in the market have many exciting features for any third party visiting any facilities. Despite having all the positive barriers for security purposes, visitor management systems have a lacking of a little security detail and that is those do not have any biometric modality support for its visitor management system.

In many cases, identity authentication is a major issue and also a critical one. We know the case of a flight returning to the airport again because of a passenger illegally got on board using his twin brother’s identity which caused the airways and airport both lose a huge amount of valuable time and money.

Without proper biometric authentication, there is almost no other way to be pretty accurate about the identity of an individual. And that is why, VisitorTrack™ supports a variety of advanced level biometric authentication such as fingerprint, finger-vein, iris and or facial recognition. Using VisitorTrack™ with these biometric measures to authenticate the identity eliminates nearly a hundred percent chance of any identity theft.


If we search through different SAAS sites that showcase software, we will be able to see different package listed on their website. Many of the visitor management software companies assume and produce the software only for companies that are somewhat able to handle a high priced and very costly to maintain visitor management system.

Creating the pricing module, M2SYS Technology closely kept in mind the small business owners or any small organizations as well as large corporations. This allowed VisitorTrack™ to have a very healthy price that is affordable for all the parties no matter what size the organization or deployment place is. Not having too much to spend but having the best security is obviously a great advantage.



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Maintenance Cost

Visitor management systems are built to eliminate paper works. Surprisingly many visitor management systems did not eliminate the paperwork, just modified it to another piece of paper. Yes, you guessed it right, the badge printing. Many use a special adhesive paper badge printing for the visitor, or a printable card badge and so on.

On the contrary, VisitorTrack™ totally eliminated paper usage with digital badges that will be sent directly to the visitor’s smartphone. This way actually it is paperless and environment-friendly. Moreover, using additional printers, papers just increase your cost of refill and maintenance. Once empty, you will have to refill the ink cartridges for the printers and those special papers too.

Also, these devices have to be maintained thoroughly. To take it to the next level, VisitorTrack™ introduced a digital badge that can be scanned by the security individuals or authority to be sure that this visit is authorized. This way VisitorTrack™ saves a lot of extra money for its users.

Repetitive Sign in

When any other visitor management system is on guard, visitors have to sign in filling up sign up form using credentials each time they visit the organization. This sort of repetition can be avoided to save time and irritation using VisitorTrack™.

M2SYS VisitorTrack™ enlists a visitor the first time they check in in a premise and for any additional visits, the personnel just have to scan his biometric information such as fingerprint, finger-vein or iris to identify know who he or she is! Use of advanced facial recognition has allowed visitors to just take a selfie and identify themselves for the visit when VisitorTrack™ is on the premise.

Real Time Picture Documentation

No other visitor management has the facility of additional documents or picture uploading facility for future needs that VisitorTrack™ provides, not even the most premium ones. Using VisitorTrack™, you can take additional pictures of anything that is directly or indirectly related to the visitor and store it in the visitor profile for future references. Documents, parcels, ID cards, business cards or the person himself or herself; you will be able to take any picture and store it in the profile of the visitor, just in case if you need it in future.

Besides all the VisitorTrack™ also has exciting analytics to guide your decisions regarding visitor management and drive your operations faster like any other efficient visitor management systems. M2SYS Technology mainly tried to empower every organization from small to gigantic and so this unique cloud-based visitor management system VisitorTrack™ came to light. To find out more about VisitorTrack™ click here.

Cloud Hosting Benefit

Many visitor management system is just a stationary software that works on the existing network and is not accessible from anywhere anytime, unlike VisitorTrack™. One has to host the total offline visitor management software and database on local network creating an additional server and hosting burden.  Cloud hosting makes VisitorTrack™ more efficient. One can login to VisitorTrack™ from anywhere and also the total database hosting is in the cloud that needs no user hardware support.

So what do you think about VisitorTrack™? If you have something to say, feel free to write to us. We will be delighted to have your opinion.

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Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

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