Benefits of Biometric Visitor Management Systems for Hospitals

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An effective visitor management system is highly critical for every public places specially hospitals. Generally hundreds of employees, doctors, patients, visitors, vendors and contractors are passing through a hospitals for respective reasons. Large hospitals host even more people every day.

Only hospitals have to take care of the vulnerable people including seriously ill, injured, newborns, and elderly people on a daily basis. Needless to say they have to also ensure secure access to million of dollars worth of equipment for medical purposes.

Considering all those points, hospitals should adopt effective visitor management system that serves the purposes perfectly. It has to be fast, affordable and easy to use.

There are many traditional visitor management system available in the market, but in terms of cost, time and effectiveness those lag behind from the requirements.

Currently, biometrics based security systems are thriving in every sector including government projects, financial institutes, educational institutes, healthcare etc. A biometric enabled visitor management system would be a perfect solution for the hospitals right now.

The key benefits of biometric visitor management for hospitals system are including:

  • Fast: When enter into a hospital, you may acquainted with the long queue that creates because of traditional paper logs, ID cards, badges system. Biometric based visitor management system eliminates the necessity of those things as it works with the physical or behavioral traits, thus makes the process way faster.
  • Affordable: In traditional methods, you need many accessories that includes ID cards, printers, kiosks and other stuffs that costs a lot. Biometric based visitor management system is much affordable and eliminates all extra efforts for the system.
  • Effectiveness: Data error in hospitals becomes a terrifying issue in the world. Paper logs or IDs is highly vulnerable and not the effective way to keep the logs of visitors. But, a biometric based system will provide you exact data of the visitors for sure.
  • Easy to Use: Paper logs or ID badged system creates massive amount of tasks that is quite hard to maintain. On the other hand, biometric visitor management system for hospital allows you to easily monitor every visitor passing through the hospital.
  • Security: Normal visitor management methods are easy to forge and offenders take this opportunity to achieve their purposes easily. But, a biometric based system can identify a person accurately with their biometric traits.  
  • Credibility: As biometric based system is the latest and most accurate method, people feel secure and relax with this system. It will increase the credibility of the hospital by a large margin among the visitors.


Biometric Visitor Management Solution

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You may think that if it is possible to get all the benefits from this solution.

VisitorTrack™, a cloud-based biometric visitor management solution bring all those benefits into one solution. It is a modern, secure and affordable solution that meets all your requirements.

It supports major biometric modalities including fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris recognition.

The key features of VisitorTrack™

  • Cloud-based biometric solution
  • Easy to integrate
  • Eliminate maintenance & expense of ID cards, printers & kiosks
  • Sends digital badge to visitors that can be scanned to verify their identity
  • Mobile app captures and automatically uploads documents like a driver’s license or passport
  • Biometrics simplifies and secures check-in process
  • Add unauthorized or problematic visitors to a watchlist
  • Easily search historical visits and associated notes
  • Pre-register visitors to speed the check-in process

Biometric based visitor management solution is no more an optional method, it is a necessity right now. To make visitor management system fast, effective and secure, hospitals should consider biometric solution seriously.

We hope that you already learn the benefits of biometric visitor management software. Let us know for any more queries about this solution. Thank you.

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