Mobile Applications for Taking Sales Orders From the Field

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Businesses can generate more revenue by a streamlined delivery process that works in synergy with the rate at which orders arrive from the field. Reps can use a mobile app to record sales orders when making deliveries as customers request new products. Goods procurement becomes much easier, and it also keeps the clients satisfied.

When reps use an app to make deliveries, the sales process is faster and generates more revenue. It also polishes the company’s brand in public. Reps can record delivery data from the field using a field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ in real-time.

Why Use a Mobile App for Taking Sales Orders

The use of mobile apps makes things simpler as reps notify their managers about orders. Below are some reasons that you should adopt the use of mobile apps for taking orders:

Faster Deliveries

Product procurement by reps is much faster when they can take deliveries from the field. The company responds swiftly; products can thus reach the sales reps in good time. The sales reps, after receiving the product can then deliver them to the customers to generate more revenue. This speedy logistic action improves the image of the company as they prefer getting the deliveries swiftly.

Less Hassle For Sales Reps

Requesting for products via the use of paper-based methods is stressful and time-consuming. It can be expensive, and it makes the sales reps less effective. With SalesQ, Reps can conveniently post reports about product procurement from the field.

SalesQ Mobile App for Taking Sales Orders

Taking orders using a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ can be done in the following ways:

Log Orders on The Go

The app is useful for taking orders directly from the field and more products are delivered to the customers. As soon as orders are posted on the app, they can be accessed directly by the managers and the necessary steps are taken to procure the stock of goods that were requested in the required quantities.

Display a Digital Catalog

A functional sales app will display a digital product catalog that will show them the available products and thus help them make decisions on what to order. The app is much better than the use of paper brochures. Reps can do this by scanning the barcodes. It also makes sure that customers can get complete information about the items they want to order.

Benefits of Taking Sales Orders Through a Mobile App

SalesQ helps both the customers and the sales reps in the sales process by facilitating faster deliveries. The benefits are outlined below:

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When you deliver orders to your customers at the speed of light, your customer satisfaction ratings will be at their peak. Your company receives a positive outlook and can have a loyal band of customers who make repeat purchases. The growth of the business is guaranteed and a trifold improvement in the sales performance of your reps.

Reduction of Overstocking

It also limits the occurrence of overstocking. You can procure items at the right amount to drastically reduce wastage and save you from loss if you deal in perishable goods with minimal shelf life. Your relationship with your suppliers is also improved when you take orders from them from the field. Ordering the right amount means that you do not have to return lesser products.

You can boost the selling process by using mobile apps for taking orders and make your sales team more efficient in the field. The use of technology and mobile phones have changed the dimension of the sales process. They have contributed hugely to the increase in revenue of businesses. When you try out the method of mobile ordering, you gain a competitive advantage over your direct competitors by doing your business in a more advanced manner. SalesQ can be used to help in taking orders from the field and making faster deliveries. To enjoy the app, sign up now for a 14-day trial.

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