5 Reasons You Need a Better Visitor Management System for Church

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The church is one of the most sacred places where millions of people gather to obey their religion. It becomes quite hard for the authorities of churches to maintain the huge amount of visitors day by day. An effective visitor management system for churches is crucial because of many reasons including security, management, cost, convenience etc.

Here we will talk about the most important reasons you need to implement visitor management solution for churches.

  1. Automation: Every week, millions of visitors gather in churches to perform their religious duty. There are over 300,000 churches in America and almost 37 million churches around the world. These huge amounts of churches are mostly operated by traditional visitor management system that isn’t compatible with the system. Manual paper logs for church members have become burdensome as the number of members is increasing day by day.

A biometric-based visitor management system can make this process fully automated and fast as it eliminates the all manual data entry processing. Also, with a cloud biometric tool, you can create a digital database of all the church members with in-details information.

  1. Security: Security becomes one of the main concerns in churches recently. A report says that over 300 mass shooting has occurred in the US churches in 2017. These fierce amounts of shootings in churches have brought up the questions of the security system in churches.

To tighten up the security system of churches, a feasible visitor management system is no more luxury, but a necessity nowadays. If the visitor management solution is backed by biometric modalities like fingerprint, iris, face recognition, then the authorities will have a database of every visitor’s biometric data that would help to catch the intruders.

  1. Cost: The churches are spending a huge amount of money to maintain the visitor and membership management system. But, many of those solutions are outdated and they can adapt better solution at less cost.

A SaaS model visitor management system can offer a more affordable solution to maintain the visitors and members’ data.

  1. Time: Traditional system includes paper sheets, ID cards need a lot of time to maintain regular visitors. But, a proper visitor management system can automate the system and saves a huge amount of time to maintain all the management stuffs instantly.
  1. Convenience: There is no question that technology makes our life more convenient in many ways. An appropriate visitor management system can make things convenient for both visitors and church authorities.

It is hard to find a proper visitor management software. But, the M2SYS’ visitor management system, VisitorTrack™ is a kind of solution that meets all your requirement to manage the visitors of a church.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises.

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It offers many benefits including:

  • Easy to implement with cloud biometric solutions
  • Simple and secure check-in process.
  • Mobile app can capture and automatically upload documents
  • Provide digital badge to visitors that can be scanned to verify their identity
  • Includes unauthorized or problematic visitors to a watchlist
  • Easily search historical visits and associated notes
  • Fast check-in process for pre-registered visitors
  • Eliminate traditional paper logs, ID cards, printers & kiosks

There shouldn’t have any question about the necessity of a proper visitor management software. If you need a solution and still have any questions, please send us an email at sales@m2sys.com.

Thank you.

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