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Biometrics and Automobiles: Looking to the Future

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The following guest post was submitted by Car Search Brokers, Australia’s leading automotive provider who always provides updates on new automotive technologies through their extensive knowledge of the motor industry.

Introducing New Technology

Automotive engineers have predicted that by 2022, people will drive cars equipped with powerful biometric capacities. The arrival of this trend within the next ten years promises to revolutionize aspects of daily life in the United States and other nations. How will this change impact your vehicle?


1 Integration, 1 Platform, Any Form of Biometrics. The Only Identity Platform You’ll Ever Need!Today, biometric identification no longer carries an esoteric, surreal mystique. In fact, many computer scientists have utilized some form of biometric security measures for quite a while.

Essentially, biometrics combines the science of measurement with basic biology. Biometric analysis falls within two broad categories: the measurement of individual behavioral and physiological aspects. This science seeks to accurately identify someone by matching specific, immutable physical parameters, such as a voice recognition pattern, a typing rhythm, a finger or palm print, an iris, and so forth. Some advanced biometric procedures represent very sophisticated techniques.

Automotive Biometrics

With widespread interest in the field of computers and biometric security these days in automotive circles, it hardly seems surprising that automobile manufacturers hope to use these tools in their products. Already, some startups have advertised comparatively inexpensive, mass biometric technologies.

What areas of a typical vehicle might benefit from specifically identifying a human being and matching that person to a particular car? Several possibilities come to mind:

● Secure Access;
● Ignition Permission;
● Seat Reservations;
● On board communication systems;
● Anti-Theft programs;
● Driving license suspension programs.

Tighter Vehicle Security

Biometric technology holds promise for tighter anti-theft and anti-DUI enforcement measures. Soon voice recognition-based ignition, facial identification by on board vehicle cameras and sophisticated fingerprint locks for doors may become standard automotive features.

Industry-Leading Palm Biometrics with 100% Authentication Accuracy

Today the owners of some expensive vehicles already enjoy high tech solutions (such as keyless entry) to reduce the risk of theft. This trend appears likely to continue. Soon a car search may reveal many models requiring a driver to register a fingerprint identification at the dashboard before starting the ignition.

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Accident investigations and crash prevention may become easier as a result of these new technologies. Just imagine the reduction in roadway casualty rates that would occur if someone physically could not drive a car if the person became impaired? The driver’s own biometric empowered vehicle might detect driving impairment, pull off the road and shut down the ignition until a replacement driver takes over.

The New Biometric Vehicles

In case this scenario sounds like a fantasy, it remains interesting to note that in 2011, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation presented a very sophisticated EMIRAI car at the Tokyo Motor Show capable of taking the driver’s facial temperature using infrared technology and measuring heart rate from sensors implanted in the seats. Experts predict the EMIRAI technologies will reach a roadway near you by 2022.

Already, some automotive engineers reportedly have developed vehicles that can identify a driver’s seat pattern using 360 implanted sensors. This technology assists seat-control memory.


Biometric cars will arrive soon. They’ll change many aspects of driving.

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