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Fingerprint Biometric Solutions for IoT & Innovations

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Fingerprints are exclusively unmatched with any other human beings making it sole authority to use. Biometrics is about the identification of person including the distinguishing features or facial dimensions, fingerprints, handwriting, iris, and retina of eyes, the shape of a hand, and the voice. The detailed matching is supreme verification tool over and above the personal information.

The Fingerprint Optical Scanner captures the image of your fingertip evaluates and summarizes the pattern of ridges and valleys in this image against the pre-scanned data of images.

Biometric solutions by IoT technology are proficient due to internet connectivity. The spread of these solutions would have been impossible without internet connectivity and IoT.

Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the networking of items embedded with the electronic sensors. Due to internet connectivity, the exchange of data in real-time is feasible via software. IoT’s best example is calling vs. video calling using the internet.

Types of Network Connectivity for the Internet of Things:

  • High Power Consumption, Great Range, Superior Bandwidth e.g. Satellite and cellular
  • Low Power Consumption, Small Range, High Bandwidth e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.
  • Low Power Consumption, Huge Range, Low Bandwidth e.g. Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs)

Future of IoT:

The forecasts for the Internet of Things based solutions are approximately $ 520 Billion by 2021. The growth contributors will be the Datacenter and analytics System integrations and Consumer Devices.

Biometric Devices:

Biometric devices with desktop or mobiles versions are preferred over RFID by companies. With IoT, we can achieve data consistency, exchange speed, processing, and data security rise, accuracy in report generation and eradication of manual intervention.

Biometrics captures accurate data of in-time and out-time using fingerprints; voice, eye and face recognition. Used in time and attendance, entry to restricted areas, data transfer to other software like payroll processing.

Benefits of Fingerprint Biometric Solutions:

  • Detection
  • Confirmation
  • Validation
  • Accurate Data Capture
  • No Data Manipulation
  • Access Control
  • Neither Password nor Pin Dependency
  • No RFID cards only fingerprints
  • Affordable, Easy to Install and no Maintenance
  • Cloud Hosting saves backup costs and efforts
  • Mobile Applications
  • Interoperability with other Applications
  • Real-time Reports
  • Audit Trails
  • Remote Support
  • Secured Data
  • Remote data monitoring

Selecting Fingerprint Biometric Solutions:

  • Usage
  • Purpose of Industry
  • Hosting on Local Server or Cloud
  • Admin Rights
  • User Restrictions
  • Report Generation

Challenges for IoT Biometric Solutions:

  • Data Security
  • Big data Analytics
  • Algorithm Evaluation
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Internet Disconnection
  • Power Failure

Fingerprint Biometric Solutions for IoT & Innovations:

Chat Bots:

Bots interact with users using machine learning and artificial intelligence. These virtual assistants do not have any understanding of self hence there is no reaction, but it stores the series of interactions. IoT connects the speech recognition to interpret data that helps to respond to the queries. Bots programmed to respond to the FAQs and resolve basic issues find matching query and reply set to communicate.

Personal Banking:

Biometrics and IoT security will save users from remembering logins and passwords that can lock the logins if entered incorrectly, and need to change at frequent intervals and help improving banking experience. E.g., Smartphone payments are secure Biometric solutions having IoT connectivity.


IoT solutions for home and office security involves devices like camera check for entry to homes, authenticated to offices access via biometric methods etc can keep us safe. Cloud data log of entry and exit with time precisely stored helps in tight security in the residential and commercial complexes. Now the rabbit doesn’t have to stay in an indoor rabbit hutch. Now we can track our pet animals like rabbit dogs and cat with the help of IoT devices.


IoT solutions for Healthcare and Medical Research includes online appointments or medical advice etc. Biometric Solutions can help in remote monitoring of patient’s health or approved entry to Medical Rooms, can reduce theft and misuse of medicines. Wearables are the best examples of biometric solutions as the device displays and stores data pertaining to a single user.


Study of crime and in forensic science the fingerprints and biometrics are of highest importance. Biometric solutions can help in the entry to crime site or keeping the evidence safe.

Real Estate:

Property Registration processes fingerprints of both the parties; this data require protection of personal and private details relating to people and their properties, Biometric devices can control the entry to data.
Telecom: Anyone not aware of biometric devices has also used it for SIM Authentication used by telecom companies for verification of personal information.

Time, Attendance and Workforce Management:

A biometric solution captures the time and attendance data of employees, integrates with the payroll system, manages leaves, salary calculations, and maintains accurate data that can be accessed using the internet.

IOT is making customer-centric solutions for various needs including household appliances, vehicles, and customer service. IoT is an intelligent technology that transformed user experience by automating forms and processes.
The Internet of things is transforming lives, society, and businesses. Technology-based solutions are widespread due to the induction to safety and comfort. Few technology-based challenges do not make the biometric solutions redundant.

Author Bio:
Harsh Arora is a proud father of four rescued dogs and a leopard gecko. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and an educationist, with more than 6 years experience in the field of content writing.

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