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The Top 8 Customer Relationship Management Tools for Ecommerce

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Ecommerce plays a significant role in today’s economy. According to e-commerce statistics, people spend billions of dollars on online shopping.

On the other hand, businesses see the influx of new customers and may face some challenges regarding increased competition, higher expectations, and customer retention. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into play to help your businesses thrive.

What Is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM is related to collecting customer data and using valuable information to improve the way business interacts with the shoppers. CRM includes handling current, future, and former customers. Its goals are to obtain better results from each customer interaction.

CRM can help e-commerce businesses to:

  • Improve customer retention
  • Determine what customers want
  • Improve sales and customer service

CRM processes are essential for e-commerce. For example, when it comes to online stores, turning a visitor into a loyal customer usually generates more than 500% ROI than just having a new visitor.

With the right CRM approach, e-commerce businesses can also segment audiences, personalize marketing strategy, build customer loyalty, and provide after-sale support to increase customer retention.

Still, sometimes the idea of CRM might seem complicated. Luckily, there is specific software that businesses can use to handle CRM with ease.

CloudApper CRM

CloudApper CRM is a highly customizable application that lets you manage client interactions the way you want. Store an unlimited number of records in a highly scalable cloud architecture, and increase the pace of your conversions by allowing your sales force to access customer data virtually, from anywhere, at any time.

CloudApper CRM Application helps you to:

-Customize the app as per your sales process

-Grant greater mobility to reps through a mobile module

-Import data from other CloudApper Apps

-Integrate with ERP modules to access data

-Store product information for different product lines


Salesforce is the most commonly used CRM software in the industry. It provides services to small businesses or enterprises. It’s packed with tools that meet various business needs and is cloud-based, meaning companies don’t have to spend too much on using its solutions.

Salesforce helps all teams work as one and utilize the power of connected apps in the Customer 360 platform. This CRM software is commonly used for:

  • Improving customer engagement
  • Managing sales
  • Scaling the business
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Supporting remote work for teams


Zoho is focused on providing a unique and powerful set of tools for businesses. It has CRM software among its features and IT management, bookkeeping, and many other tools.

With Zoho CRM Plus, e-commerce businesses can engage with customers across multiple channels in real-time. This platform also unifies marketing, sales, and support teams, so that customers have the ultimate experience.

This CRM also utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With it, businesses can leverage data and improve marketing campaigns.


Act! allows for sales and marketing automation. This CRM platform is ideal for small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses that need contact outreach. With Act! e-commerce stores can:

  • Design a compelling customer journey
  • Manage email marketing campaigns
  • Obtain real-time metrics
  • Make smart business decisions

Act! is cost-effective, transparent in pricing, and offers the following features:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Outlook, Gmail, and Zoom integrations
  • Various marketing tools


Hubspot CRM offers easy-to-use solutions with a simple interface. The best thing is that this tool is free for individual sales representatives. It includes:

  • Contact management
  • Contact website activity
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Ticketing
  • Forms
  • Documents, and more

There are complete sets of free marketing, sales, service, and operations tools that provide a comprehensive solution for all kinds of e-commerce CRM needs. All teams can work in one place, and the free access never expires.


Pipedrive CRM is an ideal solution for small businesses that are just entering the market. Its CRM hub provides the right tools and customization options to help e-commerce stores thrive. This CRM also has up-to-date analytics that lets users improve their strategies.

Based on the data from Pipedrive’s website, this CRM can help you sell 28% more. It comes with the following features:

  • Leads and sales management
  • Communication tracking
  • Task automation
  • Insights and reports
  • Mobile app integrations and more

CloudApper CRM Software Product Demo| CloudApper CRM


This CRM platform is designed for small businesses that are focused on growing their sales. With Copper, teams can accomplish their tasks with ease, and the biggest benefit is the easy website integration.

Other features include:

  • Contact organization
  • Deal tracking
  • Task automation
  • Project management
  • Google Workspace CRM, etc.

Copper provides insight into all activities. Its straightforward interface can increase the team’s productivity, and the integration with Google is crucial for smooth operations.


Finally, Capsule CRM is geared towards e-commerce businesses with up to 1,000 employees. This CRM helps improve the organization of customer information, conversion tracking, provides insight into the history, and lets teams deliver a personalized experience.

This CRM platform can be integrated with Zapier, MailChimp, Google Data Studio, and more. Other features are pretty standard, as Capsule offers the basics without too many confusing options.

One of the best features is lead management, as it covers source tracking, lead distribution, interactions, and more.


Ecommerce businesses are experiencing several issues, one of which is the need to improve customer relations. Companies know that customer retention is crucial for keeping operations running and businesses thriving. Luckily, with the latest CRM tools, customer relationship management has become more straightforward.

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