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How Biometrics Can Benefit Educational Process

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Schools and educational institutions have faced multiple challenges about the identification of students. They used to rely on conventional methods such as ID cards and trustworthy documents. Days have gone when such traditional ways were used to get a proof of identity. Biometrics in schools has changed the ways that were used to get identification of students. This is one of the most crucial benefits that technology has brought into our lives. An individual’s identity becomes established for a lifetime after recording his biometrics just once. This extraordinary process has saved us a lot of time and effort. Just like many other fields of life, the educational sector has started to enjoy the innumerable benefits of the modern verification system.

Let’s check out how biometrics can help make the educational processes convenient!


If a school or college records biometrics of a student at the time of admission, then his identity gets established for a lifespan. For this purpose, educational institutions can use school management software. The same biometric data can be useful for getting access to different places within the school building. For instance, it can help a student get access to the library, laboratory, and theater. The school management won’t have to conduct new verification processes while holding an event or permitting access to specific places. One time registration of biometrics is enough to track a student’s identity during his course of study.


Attendance is one of the most important aspects of a student’s life. He needs to stay present at school every day to avoid problems. Biometrics have eliminated the daily efforts that school management put in to record the attendance of its students. A biometric attendance system for schools can completely replace the manual system. It means there will not be any physical hassle, paperwork, and monthly calculations associated with the attendance process. You can get complete data of a student’s attendance just in a matter of a few clicks. This latest recognition system can work using iris, fingerprint, or retina. Although all these options are available, yet the fingerprint scanning is considered to be the most preferred recognition method.

It is imperative for colleges, schools, and universities to keep an accurate record of their attendance. The reason behind this urgency is the state and federal funding, which can be affected if an educational institution gets failed to keep an authentic record of attendance.

Safety and Security

Many people wonder how to make schools safer. It is the utmost responsibility of school management to keep the building safe and secure. They should never allow an outsider to get inside and create a mess. A few instances in the past have shown that outsiders entered schools and colleges for different criminal activities. Some of them may sell drugs to students while others may cause deadly brawls.

Sometimes students ask unprofessional outsiders to write essays to avoid embarrassment. This is not a healthy practice for someone who needs good grades. Only a professional and reliable essay writing service can help in this regard. The biometric system ensures that only school staff, teachers, and students should move within the premises. It creates a hindrance for an outsider to enter the

school properties. It means biometrics can be worthwhile for students’ safety and security.

Activity Tracking

Biometrics can play a key role when it comes to talking about reporting and activity tracking. The system lets you track the participation of students in teaching and extracurricular activities. School management can have a clear record of how many students have participated in or attended an event. There are several other activities that can be easily tracked with the help of biometrics. On the other hand, recording activities with the help of manual reporting techniques can be a tedious thing to do.  With biometrics, teachers can keep a record of activities and generate quick reports whenever required.


All schools and colleges have libraries where students come to find educational help through books and other useful materials. It takes a lot of time and effort for school management to pile up a precious collection of books. Biometrics verification adds a security layer to make libraries perfectly secure. Students with fingerprint verification can enjoy the benefits of privacy. The ones with permissions can enter and seek assistance from records available there. Many educational institutions use library cards, but they can be lost, shared, and manipulated. On the contrary side, biometrics offer fool-proof security. Books can be allotted to students having biometrical verification enabled.


Technology is facilitating human life with every passing day. Biometric verification has shown its usefulness in every field of life. Universities, colleges, and schools can manage several aspects of students by using the true and tried methods of biometrics. It can eliminate manual work and minimize the chances of collecting incorrect data. Artificial intelligence does its work nicely by capturing students’ identity through fingerprint sensors and other similar ways. Technology implementation such as biometric verification in educational premises ensures a safe and healthy environment.

Author’s Bio for Susan Wallace

Susan is an experienced writer who writes about technology’s implementation in the education sector. She has researched biometrics and how it can play a key role in making the educational process easy. Wallace is a technology geek.

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