Biometric Technology in Cars: An Introduction to the Future

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What is biometric technology?

Biometrics is the use of behavioral and physical data obtained from a person and applied to a number of existing technologies for the purposes of both identification and access control.

Once the preserve of science-fiction fans, we now live in a world where the use of biometrics is commonplace. Smartphones use fingerprint technology for secure access, and iris scanning is now the main point of entry at passport border control in airports across the world.

Biometrics, technology and driving

Bio-Plugin™ Biometric SDK – Software development kit for rapid biometric integrationThe development of technology in cars has been growing at an exponential rate in the last decade and headlines have been dominated by pioneering products such as Google’s self-driving car. However, millions of cars already have some form of biometric technology installed. The ability to use voice control to activate navigation and infotainment systems or access a vehicle is nothing new and supplements a wide-range of features that support safety, fuel economy and driver experience in our cars.

Devices such as radar technology can assist in parking and reducing the incidence of collisions. Cameras and sensors further help with parking and wireless connectivity now allows us to stay connected on the road. Voice activation systems now extend to reading emails and text messages and allowing the driver to verbally respond and send replies.

Future Technology

Biometrics continues to play a huge part in the development of driving technologies, and devices such as iris scanners to unlock, lock and start a vehicle are expected to become a standard security feature.

In addition, cars using sensors mounted in the seatbelts will be able to warn drivers they are about to fall asleep or suffer a heart attack. Not only would the car come to a safe stop but it would also be capable of alerting emergency services. Such advanced technology is still years away from being readily available on our roads but it is well on its way.

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