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7 Main Reasons Why You Need to Have Biometric Time Clock for Your Business

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A Biometric system is an automated way of identifying a person depending on physiological or behavioral characteristics. The biometric features that are commonly measured include:

  • Fingerprints
  • Faces
  • Iris
  • Finger veins
  • Voice

Most businesses nowadays are shifting to the use of biometrics clock time to help them in many ways. Biometric systems have gained popularity due to their ability to enable business owners to track business employee attendance, performance, and the business’s general operation. Businesses that have shifted to the use of biometrics are seen to benefit in several ways. Below are the benefits of having a biometric time clock for your business:

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  1. Eliminates Buddy Punching

With the manual forms of filling the attendance sheets, an employee may clock in a colleague’s time if they are running rate or absent. Thus, it is difficult to identify an employee who comes in late or is always absent. Although this seems like a minor issue, several businesses have lost a good amount of money due to time theft. Buddy punching leads to money loss and may make other employees lose morale in work. It is always not impressive to always come very early and see another colleague consistently reporting late and not being questioned. 

Installation of a biometric time clock will eliminate buddy punching since every individual has different fingerprints, facial shapes, and eye shapes.

  1. Helps Boost security

Biometrics will also help to boost the security of your business. When you install your doors with only the biometrics and no entry where an unrestricted person can enter without a key, it will help eliminate theft. Since every individual has their biological uniqueness, it is difficult to fake the entry with a qualified locksmith. Biometric clock time will help you be assured that employees who can clock in are physically present in the office. 

  1. Increases Productivity

Increased productivity is the dream of every business owner. But when you are engaged in other essential activities and have no time to monitor your worker, they may tend to be absent and have some employees cover for them on filling the attendance sheet. As a result, the labor applied to your business may be very low, thereby lowering your business productivity. Installing a biometric time clock will force every employee to be present every working hour since signing in and signing out will be automatically recorded. Ensuring regular employee attendance helps to increase labor, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the business.

  1. Minimizes Loses

The biometrics ensure that there are accurate employee payroll records. Employee payroll usually has a direct effect on the revenue of the business. When you make any mistake in the calculation of employee payroll can cause a huge business loss. When you install a biometric system, it will help you eliminate the chances of such mistakes through automatic data entry. Every employee payroll will be as per the labor or the attendance.

  1. Minimize Time Wastage

Installing a biometric time clock will help your business minimize time wastage. For instance, while using the manual time tracking systems, the human resource and the payroll department would take much time to track earlier records to correct errors made during attendance. With the biometric time clock, an employee’s hours are reported right into the payroll system. It makes timekeeping to become an automated process. As a result, it helps save the time that would be used to track the records and correct any error and focus on other essential things.

  1. Promotes Employee Accountability

When there is a clear attendance record, it has made it easy to track frequent absentees at the office. Biometric time clock provides verifiable reports which force employees to be more committed and accountable to their work. With every record of signing in and signing out, employees are given no space for frequent absenteeism and unscheduled breaks. Therefore, the biometric time clock entrusts a sense of responsibility among employees, thereby promoting accountability.

  1. Minimizes Errors

When there is manual data entry, making an error is very high since one may forget or skip to include an important detail. With the automatic entry of data, the instances of human errors are highly minimized.

As indicated above, the installation of biometrics in your business can help save a lot of time and money. It’s always prudent to ensure that you have a secure system that safely manages your data. Ensure to approach the best locksmith for the proper installation of biometric clock time.

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