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How Does Biometric Authentication Work?

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biometric-authenticationBiometric authentication is on the cutting edge of modern life. These systems are varied and can protect people from having their identity and information stolen. In this article, we will share some information about biometric authentication and how does it work, to show you more clearly the full benefits of modern technology.

Fingerprint Scanners and How They’re Stored

The most common form of biometric scanners that are out there today is fingerprint scanners. These are usually seen in the form of a scanner that is on a smartphone or tablet that can take your fingerprint, read it, and test it against what is stored in the database. Typically, the fingerprint is scanned and from there it goes into what Android calls a Trusted Execution Environment. The information is stored in that isolated section of hardware until it is called upon by the right authentication program to gain access. You can’t even root or use a bootloader to get access to that data!

Eye Scanners

Another great form of tech that is around to help people is an eye scanner. The iris scan is very difficult to fake out. The iris has a very unique pattern from person to person, so the chances of meeting someone that has the same iris pattern as you are nearly impossible. Eye scanners are a little more high-tech than, but you’ll see them come into play in secure environments all over the world.

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition technology is so common that phones are already using it to give people access to their accounts. According to the latest generation of phones that have been released, the facial recognition systems are capable of telling people apart even if they have a lot of facial similarities. This is a very useful form of biometrics because all it takes is a little scan and you have instant access to your phone, device and etc. However, there is one drawback and that is that the lighting in a certain situation might not grant you access to your account. However, that is only with the lower level of the technology and not the highest levels.

Other Biometric Technology

There are other examples of biometric data and authentication out there today. One of them is reading the palm veins in someone’s hands. Rather than rely on a fingerprint, the palm is still unique and can be used even when the hand is sweaty. Another kind of biometrics that has been explored is gait analysis. This tracks the way that you walk and compares it to the past way you’ve walked to identify you. It has a lot of security applications in finding criminals.

Although biometric data is still being integrated into different areas of life, not everyone understands it yet. Hopefully, these brief attempts at unraveling security features improve the knowledge of how they work so people will trust them more. After all, these complex systems are working to ensure that individuals can have a good time without having to worry about what is happening behind the scenes.

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