Importance of fingerprint identification in 2019

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In 1892 Francis Galton wrote a book called fingerprint. Fingerprint was the first book that put light on the importance of fingerprint identification in human life. It shows how fingerprints can be used as unique identity tools. In 2018 we experienced the transition of the future world. Where we experienced self-driving car, AI, the revolution of drone and robots, and digitalization of every aspect of our life. At the same time till this date, we still faced issues like identity theft, password breach, bank transaction breach and many more. These issues are continuously putting importance to such system that is unique, remain unchanged and impossible to breach. Not only that such unique features were placing importance to modernize more approach for business and government agencies that could make their operation easy, secure and efficient than ever before. Yes, we feel the importance of the fingerprint identification system in 2018 and will explore its essential in 2019 too in many aspects of our life.

Fingerprint Identification in Security

Security, which means access to the authorized individual. Our home, our office and places we have access to, those places need protection.  Otherwise, there will be a significant change of trend in theft or robbery or frauds.

Fingerprint in Data Safety

The more modern we get more dependency on data we developed. From business firms to our personal life, data touches many aspects of our life. The business document, personal data, confidential data those are some kind where we need strong security to save them. We have seen an unprecedented amount of data breaches in 2018. The Facebook data breach of 50 million users, Fitmetrix data breach of 113.5 million users, Ticketfly data breach of 27 million users, MyHeritage data breach of 92 million users and many more. We saw how impactful these data breaches were which affected millions of users life. All these could happen due to a low-security system and following old age pin and password method. These incidents were giving us a clue, that,  it’s time to leave those old age method. Now we need to adopt the most secure one – fingerprint identification based security system. Fingerprint identification system provides unbreachable data security. So, could keep our data from an unwanted data breach in 2019.

Ease in Suspect fingerprint  identification

In 2018 The Sun reported a 12% rise in murders in London Bridge, Westminster, and Manchester. According to The Metro in June 2018 there were 30 murders in new york. Along with these other crimes are also increasing which poses importance of fingerprint identification system in the coming year that could help police to find suspect so easily. Because suspect can fake their id, even disguise their outer look but cannot change their fingerprint.ePolice™ is one of the revolutionize fingerprint solution for police which can be used in portable mobile biometric scanner MULTICHECK-C™ thanks to its modern liveness detection technology which could even detect fake fingers.  

Fingerprint Identification In office Function

Modern offices require faster output cost-effectively. Fingerprint identification can be the answer to such approaches. Thanks to RightPunch™ that helped organization to reduce buddy punching and time theft through a cost-effective way as it is integrated with expensive software like Kronos and ADP. The visitor is one the critical component of any organization. Organizations these days are seeking a solution to manage their visitor effectively. 2019 won’t be that problematic for the organization. VisitorTrack™   will be the one of the revolutionary system for visitor management in  2019. This innovative system will make visitor management process more accessible and cost effective by tracking visitor through fingerprint, taking their demographic data, providing digital batches and also with many more features to manage visitor effectively.  

Fingerprint Identification In Government Agencies

From underdeveloped country to developed countries all government is looking for such solution that could bring operational efficiency. Fingerprint identification system could be the answer for them in 2019. Through revolutionizing fingerprint identification solution TrueVoter™, the government could make their voter registration system authentic, free from duplicate registration and can poses faster voter registration.    

After going through this article if you feel like integrating one fingerprint solution in your office, then you are exactly on the right track. But if you are thinking its costly and complex, need so many complicated things like server, network, and plugins to integrate then you are not exactly right. CloudABIS™, a solution for 2019 which can make biometric integration easy. CloudABIS™ can be intertwined with within a matter of hours with its easy web API; it is so compact that supports any web browser and various biometric devices. Through CloudABIS™ you can avoid the time, hassle, risk and inflexibility of different SDKs and vendor contracts that lock your data. Biometric integration is no more hassle; you can do it anytime and anywhere you want.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

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Everything we see today will change tomorrow, will be more advanced and fast and more modern. Fingerprint once known as the only solution for identifying the suspect is going to bless its feature in more aspects of our life. From our home to office, office to government, fingerprint identification is the solution that will matter most in 2019. Because it is the high tech solution that could make our life easy, comfortable and most secure.

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