How to Use Biometric Fingerprint Scanner in C#

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Use of biometric fingerprint scanner with a C# or C Sharp application is really important since C# is one of the most commonly used multi-paradigm programming language. This object-oriented programming language not always is easy to integrate with a biometric fingerprint scanner. Engineers all the time struggle with this sort of biometric project development and this is another reason why prospectus biometric project fails.

It takes a lot of human touches to make a biometric project successful. Engineers with biometric skills and expertise have that touch only. Developing a proper SDK integration takes a lot of time and on the other side, the project owner gets frustrated. Improper or poor SDK development results in a failed or poor performing system. Time passes by and costs increase drastically leaving the project unfinished, and finally, projects drop due to the failure of proper integration.

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One of the major question when developing a biometric system for an application is that, “what is the development environment or what language is the application written in?” When the application runs on C#, what is the actual process that you can follow to use a biometric fingerprint scanner with it? An answer to this question lies in some product offering from M2SYS Technology. To ease people from this sort of problems and help them make their biometric projects successful, M2SYS Technology came up with some revolutionary products.

Let us discuss in detail about how one can use biometric fingerprint scanner in C#

Integration with Multimodal Biometric SDK

One possible way is to use the multimodal biometric SDK from M2SYS named as Bio-Plugin™. This is an award-winning multimodal biometric product that helps integrate biometric with any application regardless of the development environment or programming language. This a super-fast biometric matching engine that performs 1 to 1 verification and 1 to N matching. Bio-Plugin™ is so fast that it can process 100 million fingerprint templates or 30 million iris templates per second. It runs on both windows and web applications. Also, this system supports many prominent databases so that user stays hassle-free.


Bio-Plugin™ SDK

For Biometric Authentication

Works With

Bio-Plugin Appserver:

C/C++, Delphi, Foxpro, Java, VB, Clarion, PowerBuilder.

Bio-Plugin Webserver:

IIS, Apache, WebSphere, Oracle, and WebLogic

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This robust biometric product is being used by many around the world. Many large business and companies rely upon Bio-Plugin™ along with many other prominent NGOs and organizations. With this product, avoid the burdensome and time-consuming development since with Bio-Plugin™, it takes only a few hours to fully integrate with a system.

Using Cloud Biometric Identification API

If your C# application will be running on the web and if you want to use the cloud, then you should consider CloudABIS™, another gift from M2SYS Technology. This biometric matching server is also multimodal working with a fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial and voice recognition seamlessly. The total serves and templates are stored in the cloud and so you do not have any sort of extra server maintaining burden or cost associated with it. Using M2SYS CloudScanr™, a biometric capture tool, one can easily use the CloudABIS™, 1 to N matching and 1 to 1 verification. Integration is so easy that one might feel it was done in a blink of an eye!

Using Instant Biometric Integration

Lastly, if one wishes to just use biometric for login feature into a C# application, then they should turn to M2SYS instant fingerprint software integration product, Bio-SnapOn™. This product instantly snaps on to any software without any code-level development and lets the user use the features of biometric identification. This product captures the biometric data and performs the matching. After the matching Bio-SnapOn™, sends the host application the data of the user and the rest of the desired process is done by the host application. This product has widely been used by many organizations in POS, Time Clocks, etc.

Code-level development is tiresome, time-consuming, and very costly in most of the cases. Despite all these, biometric projects fail because of the failure to do the perfect integration. Using a fingerprint scanner in C# becomes so much easier if one uses Bio-Plugin™, CloudABIS™, or Bio-SnapOn™ with it. Give us a shout here,, or click here.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

2 thoughts on “How to Use Biometric Fingerprint Scanner in C#

  • January 5, 2023 at 1:40 am

    Overall, it seems that CloudABIS is intended to be a convenient and secure way to implement biometric authentication in a web application running in the cloud. I am impressed about the fact that how carefully it evaluates the security and privacy implications of biometric authentication before implementing it in a production environment.

  • January 19, 2023 at 5:41 am

    I am inquiring about you fingerprint readers because we are a small local rural police department. I do not know which model we would be interested in but I would love to speak to someone to get additional information about the variety of readers and the system. I look forward to speaking with you.


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