Indians Willing to Use Biometric Authentication in Daily Function

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Biometric authentication popularity is rapidly increasing in every region of the world. Visa has conducted research regarding biometric usage and one of the studies was conducted in India. The survey results brought some important and valuable insights. Recently Indian national identity card Adhaar integrated biometric data to verify and identify cardholders. Visa surveyed a total of 500 participants asking different biometric questions and it revealed some information.

According to the study, almost 99% respondent agreed to verify themselves using at least one of the biometric modalities from fingerprint scan, iris scan or facial or voice recognition. Moreover, the same amount of people said they would like to be able to use biometric identification to make payments. From the survey, it can be drawn that, this sort of demand is increasing because of the limitations of the traditional password or PINs. Passwords or pins are hard to remember, troublesome to put in using a keyboard or touch pad, easy to forget, and can be stolen or misused.



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However, among the respondents, a total of 51% of people were concerned about their biometric data security. A breach of such biometric database will be catastrophic and all of the individuals will be at risk. A fake report about such breach news in a local newspaper in India spread mass concern. UIDAI, the agency responsible for the Adhaar card, ruled out the news’s validity and introduced a Virtual ID to prevent any Adhaar biometric data theft or duplication. This new Virtual ID will track the original Adhaar ID to verify and this way the original ID will stay protected the ID number will not fall into wrong hands.

UIDAI also thought about people who find fingerprint identification and iris recognition a little difficult. And so, the agency is introduced facial recognition technology for Adhaar card and the possible registration start time will be July.

Source: Financial Express

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

One thought on “Indians Willing to Use Biometric Authentication in Daily Function

  • December 6, 2022 at 3:20 am

    We want to use mobile phones to capture biometrics using appropriate biometrics devices. We need details of this. We want to also know the cost implications.


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